harry harry quite contrary

It had to happen. Everyone and their mother wanted to know how the series ends and some lucky people got to know before the rest of the world. I did a quick search and found that the whole of the WWW is abuzz over this most pooperish of party poopers. I decided not to go further and find out though. After so many years of reading Book I-VI and reaching the ending after hours of pleasure, I think I’ll go the same way with the last one. Knowing the spoiler won’t stop me from reading the book, but it will take away something special from the whole experience.

Tomorrow is Stinky’s birthday. He wants a Marx Brothers boxset but I said no. He’s getting something new apartment related. Now I just have to think of what 😀 .



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2 responses to “harry harry quite contrary

  1. Livejournal is the mother of all spoilers!!!
    Spoiler-ers should be sent to Azkaban.
    Will avoid internet until i finish the *gasp* final book.

  2. Facebook too 😦
    I am avoiding all news websites till the end.
    Shit I have to work today.

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