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like a rolling stone

I was about to start this post by saying, ‘work has been crazy lately, yada yada yada….’ but GAH! let’s not be predictable. Anyway, when has work ever been not crazy? I was a bit upset when we had to cancel our trip to Bali last week but in the end it worked out fine as I’m quite sure that if we’d gone ahead as planned, I’d be getting the dreaded call to come back ASAP and to make sure I looked happy doing it šŸ˜€

Went to Manila forĀ aĀ meetingĀ a couple days ago. I ate enough for 2 people in the 24 hours I was there (arrived 1145 Mon, left 1220 Tuesday). The little Filipino food I had was definitely good enough to make me come back for more on my own one day. The traffic jams were horrendous though, and wayyy scarier than our own tame ones. I shut my eyes and went to sleep when our driver started weaving his way full-speed between other speed machines.

On the homefront, MC and I have been absolute gluttons and have eaten our way through our savings. No, it’s not just because it’s Ramadhan, but because we suddenly found in quick succession, several restos worthy of repeat visits no matter what. The otak and ayam pop at Puti Bungsu Batam, the crab and lala at Restoran Stadium Negara, the sausages at Bavarian Bierhaus (ok, that’s just me), the new menu at Aunty Nat’s…. sigh. There’s more but I’m just making myself hungry. G’nite y’all!


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crypt 65

the home of refriedĀ beans

On Monday evening, after visiting a friend at Gleneagles, we decided to go exorcise some demons for Stinky.

Even before we started dating (when we were still just buddies, circa early 2002), everytime he had to contribute a food story, he’d bring up his bad dining experience at Ma Maison, a french resto in Ampang. His International Baccalaureate class had an outing there to polish up their dining etiquette skills. It must have been Stinky’s unlucky day ‘coz the staff screwed up his order and he was left with a very unsatisfactory meal. Don’t get me wrong, they served him good food but it just wasn’t what he wanted all the way from the appetisers to dessert.

We had always joked about going back and giving them a chance to redeem themselves, but we never did. Fast forward 10 years after the event, we finally went back to the neighbourhood and were shocked to see it still there. Unfortunately we also saw a Mexican resto a couple doors away and all thoughts of redemption flew out our heads. We were gonna have refried beans or go nuts trying.

Having eaten in a real Mexican place, I’d say Las Carretas did a pretty good job. The entrees we had (chilli con carne and pollo loco) were good albeit it had a distinctly malaysianised flavour to it. Dessert (chocolate pie) was awesome. We sat in complete silence for a good 5 minutes.

10 minutes into our meal, the waiter came by to ask us how we liked our meal, or at least that’s what I thought he said and replied very cheerfully, “Great! Thanks for asking!”

What he really said was, “Hey bro! Apa khabar? Band macam mana?”

So not only was he NOT talking to me, he wasn’t even inquiring about food. Stinky had a right good laugh and repeated, “Great! Thanks for asking!” the whole night. Complete withĀ slaphappy look and chewing motions.

If I didn’t like the food so much, we’d never go again, nevermind the waiter’sĀ a fan of Stinky’s band and that we might get discounts. Sobs.


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gut symphonies

for picture taking purposesĀ only

In an ideal world, this is how my teak bench would look like all the time: empty and free from clutter.

this is how it actually looksĀ like

In the real world however, it usually looks like this – or worse. I’d taken off most of the backpacks that usually sits on it and left only the in-use-daily ones.

my current drugā€¦.Ā jellybeans!!

Tech Boss#1 came back from France laden with goodies. Thank goodness he remembered the jellybeans!

the sizzlerĀ man

I love the drama ofĀ preparing the sizzling steak at The Coliseum Cafe. So smoky, so aromatic, so mind-bogglingly hunger-inducing.Ā 

my tenderloinĀ steak

I didn’t order the sizzling steak the last time we went. This is my tenderloin steak cooked to perfect medium rare. Juices were mopped up with the cheese & onion toast. Not pictured here coz we forgot to save any and ate it all before taking out the camera.


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