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stop! in the name of love

Thank god I went home early yesterday. After a terrible downpour, this was the view around 5ish as weary worker bees tried to go home on a wet Friday evening.

It got worse as time went on and only cleared around 8ish.

So yeah, I finally picked up my camera again after months of leaving it in storage. Tomorrow I’ll be taking it with me to take piccies of twin baby boys for a friend and colleague. I just hope I still remember how to fiddle with the settings. Haha.


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We missed the BERSIH rally but I am overwhelmed with pride to see the huge amount of people who did brave the weather and police.

As news began to leak in via non-Malaysian sources about some cases of police brutality against peaceful demonstrators, we decided to wear yellow in solidarity.

I’m reading Jeff Ooi’s blog and others to learn more. Our own media is useless.


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