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like a rolling stone

I was about to start this post by saying, ‘work has been crazy lately, yada yada yada….’ but GAH! let’s not be predictable. Anyway, when has work ever been not crazy? I was a bit upset when we had to cancel our trip to Bali last week but in the end it worked out fine as I’m quite sure that if we’d gone ahead as planned, I’d be getting the dreaded call to come back ASAP and to make sure I looked happy doing it 😀

Went to Manila for a meeting a couple days ago. I ate enough for 2 people in the 24 hours I was there (arrived 1145 Mon, left 1220 Tuesday). The little Filipino food I had was definitely good enough to make me come back for more on my own one day. The traffic jams were horrendous though, and wayyy scarier than our own tame ones. I shut my eyes and went to sleep when our driver started weaving his way full-speed between other speed machines.

On the homefront, MC and I have been absolute gluttons and have eaten our way through our savings. No, it’s not just because it’s Ramadhan, but because we suddenly found in quick succession, several restos worthy of repeat visits no matter what. The otak and ayam pop at Puti Bungsu Batam, the crab and lala at Restoran Stadium Negara, the sausages at Bavarian Bierhaus (ok, that’s just me), the new menu at Aunty Nat’s…. sigh. There’s more but I’m just making myself hungry. G’nite y’all!


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slow ride! take it easy!

Hello. Waiting for a call from the rig that would signal the start of several more hours of work so I thought I’d take a break and post pictures of a recent event that made me happy. Twitter-ing and Tumblr-ing is nice, but I still *heart* WP.

Goes without saying that the happy event was food-related.

That’s where we ate. It’s near the office and on the way home. Guess where I’ll be everytime traffic threatens? Across the street is also another favourite of mine: a nasi padang resto! But we’ll save that for another day.

They cooked these clams with some special voodoo sauce + bits of chilli & garlic. It was a taste explosion at every bite. MC had to tell me to stop groaning during every mouthful. I did – but only to tell him to stop groaning too.

This crab died a meaningful death: we enjoyed you a lot, Mr. Crab. We’d enjoy you more if you weren’t so bloody expensive. $41 ok.

See those mantous? We ordered 4 more 😀 I told MC there were fried versions and his eyes glazed over.

Ah, back to work.


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craving cucumber raitas

Dinner tonight was buckwheat noodles with a sauce made from deglazing a pan where I’d earlier cooked some chicken liver. It was a vast improvement from last Saturday’s dinner of the same noodles but with chopped liver. This week I just marinated the liver in red wine and popped it into a hot non-stick pan with a little olive oil. The results were surprisingly yummy and a nice side dish to the noodles. Why the sudden liver obsession? It was cheaper than the chicken fillet. LOL.

Mike asked yesterday why I hadn’t vented yet in this space about the recent gas price hike. To be honest Mike, I just dunno where to start. I’m extremely tired of all these exhortations by our idiotic politicians to ‘tighten our belts’, ‘change our lifestyle’ and ‘use public transport’. It’s all very easy for them to say these things when they themselves have no intention whatsoever to do it, but what about your Joe and Jane Average? MC and I calculated today that our pre-gas hike fuel cost of RM60/week will now be RM84.38/week. Don’t even get me started on the rising grocery bill. No matter how many non-essential items MC and I leave out our grocery cart, the amount invariably hits the hundred ringgit mark every visit. And we’ve even given up on organic stuff!

My cough and cold has reached the 5 weeks and 2 weeks mark respectively. I’ve managed to infect several colleagues and MC. I can’t live without popping half a Ponstan everyday to deal with the daily migraine and 2 doctor visits have only lessened the severity of the cough. I’m tired enough and desperate enough to go for alternative therapy. In fact Linda and I are planning to try some alternative healing thing in the near future. Makes me smile whenever I think of it 🙂


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falling slowly

MC and I were in Singapore yesterday and in the 21 hours we were there, we managed to consume:

  • tacos, fries, coconut pie and a giant lemonade (Taco Bell)
  • nasi goreng, roti bakar, jus gembira, sup (Es Teller 77)
  • murtabak daging, kari kambing, kopi O ais, limau ais, nescafe ais (Zam Zam)
  • a box of chocolate flavoured Pocky
  • nasi goreng, maggi goreng, roti telur bawang, limau ais (mamak near Dali’s place)

I think we’re losing our touch.


We had some time to spare after settling the issues that required us to be in Singers, and headed over to Orchard Road for a spot of shopping. MC was very impressed that within a 30 minute time span that he left me to go buy some punk CDs at Far East Plaza, I had managed to buy 2 silk blouses for work, 1 very flowery peasant top, red mary janes, makeup and the Juno and Dan in Real Life soundtracks. Darling, I am nothing if not efficient when it comes to spending 😀 .


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my favourite thiiiings

Last week a bunch of us from the office went to El Cerdo’s for dinner. El Cerdo is billed as THE pork specialist of Changkat Bukit Bintang and we’d been wanting to go for ages, but you know how hard it can be to get a date and time everyone can agree on. Finally we just said, ‘fuck it!’ and made reservations for 11 people at 6.30pm. 8 made it. 

nyam nyam nyam

Everyone was pretty excited. I’d been bombarding them with reviews of the resto gleaned from various food blogs and pigging out was on everybody’s mind.

What did we order? Lemme try and list it out:

  • roasted suckling pig
  • mixed appetizer plate: french rilettes, pig trotter pate, spanish salami, pork liver pate and pig cheeks in wine aspic
  • boquerones
  • pan fried goat cheese wrapped in Jamon Serrano
  • lentil and vegetable soup with german sausage
  • pork shoulder steak
  • roasted pork short ribs
  • mango sherbets with vanilla licor
  • run and raisin pancake ‘kaiserschmarrn’
  • alexander grappa
  • jagermeister
  • hoegarden witbier, and
  • the placido tuscany chianti

Took us 4 hours to eat and drink everything. How was the food you ask? It was AWESOME. Just bloody fantastic. By the time the suckling pig main course arrived, we fell on it with our bare hands like savages.

nom nom nom

The bill came to a whopping RM1.2K and there were shocked gasps from the locals all around but everyone agreed it was just the thing after a hard month’s work.

We’re already on the lookout for the next resto to pig out at 😀


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un cornet de frites

I try to bring lunch to work at least twice a week. It gives me the illusion that I’m eating healthier for one thing, and of course that I save money (very doubtful). Although if you think about it, maybe the spaghetti I make is less fattening than say, Pak Samad’s awesome crispy fried chicken + nasi drowned in dhal/gravy. Let’s hope. 1 out of 2 is not bad!

primary colours

Almost like a stop sign. 

Last night I made this, though I substituted the cabbage with chicken cubes. I didn’t feel up to cooking rice see, so I wanted something more substantial to eat with the steamed broad beans and mixed vegs that would make up the filler in this meal. It went down real well at lunch today with a glass of Ribena. I really liked the fact that the normally bland steamed vegs were saturated with the balsamic vinegar and cranberry sauce. Yum. Should’ve made more for tomorrow’s lunch as well.

Dessert was a handful of dark chocolate M&Ms from TechBoss#1. One in each colour. Or maybe two.

more colours!

Tower of Goodness. 

Unfortunately I injured myself as I cleaned up last night. I swear that time went into slo-mo and I could almost  hear the ‘zziiiiiing!’ as the knife I was washing sliced the pad of my thumb open. An infinity as the whole universe stopped and bright red beads of blood welled up. Then it squirted blood all over the sudsy dishes and time returned to normal. I watched fascinated as the tea towel turned red and showed MC my new boo boo.

“Look beebs, I hurt myself. Look at the blood!”

“What? What did you say? Lemme see…ohhhh…” *stops dead and turns pale*

Hahahha…. it was dang funny watching MC try and be brave about the whole thing. Just wish it didn’t have to sting so much.


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best of you

new bling! BLING!

Got a friend to buy this for me from her kampung back in Thailand. I’m so happy with it! And absolutely no barely any damage to my wallet! SD, we’re coming in August! Tell your silversmiths to be reaaaadddddyyyy 😀

petai! nasi goreng petai!

I love eating the spicy nasi goreng petai at Aunty Nat’s. It’s full of stinky things like sambal, garlic and petai. The burps that come after are AWESOME. Truly worthy of MC’s yelling and running away 😀


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