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lime jell-O and edamame

Like The Little Engine That Could, it’s amazing how much more a person can do when necessity strikes, compared to what they thought their limits were. It’s also amazing the amount of bitching, manipulation and cajoling that goes on in some cases to achieve the required results.

I look back to this time last year when I first shouldered the responsibilty of heading a group of 5. It was daunting to say the least. Some of them were superior in smarts and seniority, while the remainder were young and fresh out of our training boot camps. How was I going to achieve our financial and personnel targets? Nothing in my previous capacity as a rock nerd had prepared me for this. Suddenly I was busier than I had ever been before: daylight hours were spent in people management and proposals, evenings were spent trying to catch up on the technical stuff that was still part of my workload. The first few months passed by in a blur of exhaustion.

But like everything else, you get to a certain point where you say, ‘OK. I got the hang of it now’, and start looking for other things to do. And as of last week, after weeks of negotiation (another job offer came along), I quietly took on a new role that completely removes me from the technical world I’ve been a part of the past 6 and a half years. I’m shocked at how much I miss being part of operational support, being in the thick of action as a well is being logged and the clients breathing down your back.

All I can say about the new job is that the knives are out and it’ll be sometime till I can breathe easy and not feel like my continued employment requires each task to be done fabulously. As always with our people, the moment someone inches upward (or laterally in my case) the so called corporate ladder, speculation abounds and the eternal questions of, ‘what did you do to get it? and the even more insulting ‘who helped you get it?’ starts floating around.

So wish me luck, folks. It’s gonna be some ride! 🙂



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you see me on the street

Spent the day working at the desk you see in the picture while listening to the sounds of revelry coming from the pool below. If I crane my neck just a little, I see a glittery blue sea 100m away.

Boy was it hard to concentrate! 🙂


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twits and tweets

Work is crazy with 12 hour days becoming the norm and not the exception. Weekends are spent recuperating or working to try and lessen the next week’s load. MC says I’m still the sweet, patient, slim, young thing he fell in love with but I saw him CROSS HIS FINGERS when he said that so…. hahaha.

So for the time being, Twitter is all I can manage. Follow the fun here.

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say it again

Work has been interestingly insane, what with settling into the new job while carrying out my old workload. I get the odd panic attack but so far there’s nothing a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and whining to Lil/Dali/MC doesn’t fix. *crosses fingers*

On the homefront, the critters have me swinging from one emotional extreme to another. Sometimes I think they spend the daylight hours when I’m at work plotting to drive me nuts. Then just when I entertain thoughts of chucking them at the pound, they do an abrupt aboutface and become meltingly cute and loving. Dear gosh, I’ve raised demons.

I got The Best of Radiohead album last week while in Sungei Wang scoping out Wiis. Sure brings back memories. It’s been on endless playback at work, home and in the car… 🙂



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dimana aku disini

It’s been a rather chaotic past couple of weeks since returning from Dubai. First there was the whole excitement of being awarded a huge new project that’ll keep me busy for months to come. A visiting friend from my old days in the field. Writing 5 chest-thumping essays for some review at work and the total shocker: a job offer in Vietnam and the counter-offer to stay here.

Vietnam! After my boss told me about the 2 jobs, it was all I could do to stay the rest of the day and at least pretend I was working. The excitement of working in a new location, a very exotic city to explore for the next 2 years, amazing culinary adventures, reuniting with old colleagues…. but after several rounds of negotiations with my higher ups, MC and I regretfully concluded that the package just wasn’t good enough and that I’d accept the new job in KL instead. Sure the pay rise in HCMC would be reasonable but it wouldn’t cover our loss from MC’s income. So suck it up KL! You’re stuck with me for another year! 😀

On a sad note though, Boss#3.1 is moving back to his home country after only a year within our shores. It’s a fantastic promotion for him and we’re all very happy for his rise up the corporate ladder but we’ll miss him badly. Boss#3.1 was a great teacher and boss. It’s a huge loss for our team. He’s leaving some very big shoes to fill in.

Ah, my meds have kicked in and I’m off to bed again. If I thought getting sick would dampen my seemingly 24/7 desire to eat, I was very very wrong. Haha. I’ve already scarfed down 2 cupcakes from Cupcake Chic and now a bowl of soup seems mighty tempting….. 


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hati cemas bimbang

Boss#3 has gone on vacation, leaving us to hold the fort. Since he’s been away, I’ve been added to the loop of emails and meetings regarding revenue generation and forecasting, and a whole lot of other things. While I enjoy getting to go on client lunches (woohoo!), this business of having to be dressed nicely all the time in case of unscheduled client meetings sucks big time. I miss my tshirts! 😀


Here’s an article that explains very briefly the Catholic concept of sin, in response to yesterday’s news about the Vatican adding new ones to the list. I thought it funny that one of the new sins was drug consumption. If this guy is to be believed, Moses was a stoner and so were the other Israelites!!! Dude, did you imagine the burning bush? Tsk tsk.

I’m not familiar with the concept of island dwarfing (note to self: reread Darwin’s Ghost), but whoa is it ever so interesting! There’s been a whole lot of debate recently whether some hobbity human bones found in Palau and Flores were a new species of human or just a diseased community.I’m hoping for the former coz I just think it’s cooler and more Ayla: Clan of the Cave Bear-ish. So exciting!

Oh Eliot Spitzer, I bet Hillary is mad at you (he’s a pro-Hillary superdelegate). Here’s a very interesting post on the Freakonomics blog giving insight into the world of high-class prostitution. As usual, don’t ignore the comments section!

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Being bawled at by a client is something quite normal when you’re in the service industry. We grunts usually grin at each other sympathetically, each knowing that if not today, tomorrow could be your turn to have insults and unveiled attacks on your  integrity heaped upon you. I don’t mind so much when it’s done in a professional way – suggestions for improvement if you will, but when it’s done with a certain moronic doggedness, it really gets to me. Must we forget our manners just to save our asses? Or to prove who’s the King of the Dungheap?

The Democratic presidential contest took an interesting turn with Mr. Obama winning big in South Carolina. Now that Camelot’s very own Caroline Kennedy has come out to endorse Senator Obama, can we expect the Clinton camp to further sharpen its claws? It’d be great to see less bitching from all sides, but I guess that’s what makes this circus all the more interesting.

Here’s an interesting article on salt and our failure to understand its impact on our health. Crazy, I always thought the labelling of salt and sodium were interchangeable. How very wrong I was.


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