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update on la la land

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that when I logged into WP, I had a WTF moment for a few seconds. I’m still trying to figure out the new stuff. It’ll take a while but I’ll get there.

Recently some people were nice enough to ask about the status of this blog and why I wasn’t updating. Had I quit? Did I move back to Blogspot? Am I satisfied with just Twitter?¬†

I haven’t quit, not really, no. And yes, I’m still on WP. Twitter is lovely and convenient, thank you, but it does require a lot of brain cells to condense things into 140 letters, especially when I get in the mood of lovingly reporting what I had at mealtimes ūüėĬ†

All I can say is work and its associated exhaustion gets in the way of a lot of stuff I love doing. Sleeping, catching up on reading, meeting friends, quality time with MC. Writing. Somehow blogging just fell by the wayside. Now when I get the urge to write, I just type a quick one liner in Twitter, or when I think the world at large needs to know how’s it hanging with me, I just change my FB blurb. Mike tells me there’s a WP apps I can install into my phone. Looks like those long hours at the airport can now be killed with yet another gadget-related activity.

So yeah, I’ll continue updating and all but prolly nowhere as often as I used to or would like. I was reading all my past entries and it struck me how it seemed that I fell off the face of the earth once I had taken my new job last June (my Flickr page shows the same trend, and uh didn’t I say this in a previous post?). Now that a new job possibility has reared its head, will things get better or worse?


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Although I am upset that the archbishop interviewed was so dismissive of sexual abuse cases connected to the Church, I was quite intrigued that the Vatican¬†thought it necessary to add seven modern mortal sins to the traditional 7 deadly ones, made famous by Brad Pitt’s movie Se7en. It’ll be fun to watch Hollywood try and come up with a movie that correlates being filthy rich¬†and morally debatable experiments, plus everything in between.

The seven modern mortal sins:

  • Environmental pollution
  • Genetic manipulation
  • Accumulating excessive wealth
  • Inflicting poverty
  • Drug trafficking and consumption
  • Morally debatable experiments
  • Violation of fundamental rights of human nature

I wonder how they’ll teach it in cathechism class kan¬†Abby?


“Which part of the chicken would you prefer, miss?”

“The thigh please, thank you.”


“Uh….pangkal peha?”

“Ohhh… tight. OK.”

“Ummm….yeah, ok. Tight.”

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if i was a tree growing tall and green

Tech Boss#1 lugged a whole suitcase full of chocs all the way from the States for Valentine’s Day.¬†There was a lot of squealing the morning he started distributing the boxes of chocolates. Me, I just started popping them down the hatch. They went down smooothhhh.¬†

my first ever box of valentine chocolates

Lil and I also went to have loh sang for lunch at Renaissance Hotel. We pretended to be Ladies Who Lunched but we weren’t fooling anyone the way we kept looking at our watches once our official lunch break was over. Hahaha. It was fun though, especially when we started to burp garlic & durian fumes on the way back.

one flipped over

Officially, MC and I don’t celebrate the day dedicated to love and lovers, but we do make it a point to eat dinner at a fave eatery. I also secretly hope every year¬†that this is the year MC will abandon his punk principals and go commercial for once and get me a gift or card. Or just buy me a pack of chewing gum. No luck yet ūüėõ This year we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. It was a sombre affair as MC ‘had a ginormous lunch’ and didn’t want to pig out. This piggy was seriously displeased. I’m just a bitch that way when people don’t want to get fat together.


I threw the ingredients for soup into my trusty crockpot last night and woke up to the yummiest smells. Leeks, celery, carrots, garlic, turnips, dry chilli flakes, lamb bones, tomatoes, cauliflower, pumpkin, sea salt and oregano flakes. Enough to last me the whole weekend without going out of the apartment once, thereby negating the need to do any excessive toilette-ing. MC will return tomorrow and find the whole place reeking of garlic and an unwashed, unteeth brushed human. Yeay me! LOL.

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Today is Sunday and marks the end of the totally awesome 4 day weekend. As usual I was delusional and over-optimistic about my productivity at home and planned a whole list of things to do.

  • ¬†unpack all the boxes in the guestroom
  • ¬†organise bookshelves
  • ¬†sort out old clothes for charity
  • ¬†give critters a bath
  • ¬†proof read report for work
  • ¬†read a geology textbook. a chapter at least
  • ¬†do groceries and restock pantry

I did manage to sort out a box of clothes to give away but forgot to send half which were still hanging out to dry. The report is still in my backpack – unread. Basically nothing got done except for a whole lot of sleeping. I was drugged out (flu meds) most of the time, not that I’m complaining. It was very pleasant to eat a meal and pop a flu pill 3 times a day, safe in the knowledge you could go to sleep if you wanted to, which I did. Very much. So my days followed a pattern of waking up 0800ish, brekkie (take meds), read a bit (but not a geology textbook, haha), lunch (take meds), nap at 2pm, wake up 2-3 hours later, go for a walk, dinner (take meds), watch a dvd, bed and lights out by 10.30pm.

Bliss I tell you. Monday is gonna hit hard.

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song some blue

holey schmoley

I’ve had my blue sweater since 2001, even before I met MC. I remember getting it super cheap at the British India outlet in Sunway Pyramid, back in the day when I would go there after classes in UKM as a treat to myself. The sweater has travelled with me everywhere: the humid¬†swamps of Kalimantan to the hills above Haifa. At first it was treated reverently as befits its label: even at 70% discount, a British India¬†garment¬†was a cut above my normal student gear and hit my budget hard. Slowly though, it got faded and worn by too many washings and became the sweater of choice for every trip. It’d be the last thing to be squashed into my backpack and the first thing out once I settled into my bus/train/airplane seat.

I wore it during my last vacation back home, on a windy, rainy day at my gran’s house. Mom was horrified to see a hole as big as her hand on my sweater. I was getting tired of it getting snagged on things too and finding random bits of yarn on me.

the old and the new

I took it along to Borobudur. It kept me warm on the interminable bus ride to Bandung and came in handy on the windy hilltop of Lisung Cafe. But I knew its end was near and the next day I kept an eye out for a replacement and found one at the third distro we stopped at. I love my new brown argyle sweater and planned to leave my old blue one in Bandung. I figured at least I left it somewhere exotic. I imagined writing a little note to whoever found it that it was a beloved sweater and it had seen many places.

Hahahaha…guess what I’m wearing as I type this post? ūüėČ

Tak sampai hatilah. I just love the dang thing too much. Maybe I’ll learn how to mend. Haha.


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strange fruit

[I wasn’t too sure about posting the entry below.¬†Smacks a bit too much of psychoanalysis and self-indulgence¬†IMHO. We’ll see how long it stays up.]

My friends are great ones for forcing me to haul ass and¬†meet new people. I swear if it were up to me, I’d prolly only know and be comfortable with¬†a handful. My very non-best friends (can’t say BFF. Superstitious *knocks wood*)¬†¬†are people like Lil and Dali who took the time and trouble to get to know me. If Dali hadn’t texted me and said, “Burger King Centrepoint Orchard. I’m on the way. Don’t run off”, we’d prolly still be stuck in our¬†online affair relationship. Through Dali I am now friends with err… Ravi, through Lil with err… a lot of people ūüėČ . Another example: if it weren’t for Lil Ms D brushing off my excuses for not going out, I would never have met some really interesting people like an anthropologist and a couple O&G insiders (and score free wine and pizza¬†ūüôā ¬†).

It’s not that I hate meeting people (or do I? hehe), it’s just that underneath that inane grin and chattering facade, my head hurts like hell and I’m painfully aware that I’m awfully uncomfy. MC says that my problem is not shyness per se,¬†but some weird social retardation thingy¬†that makes me afraid of social gatherings. Introduce me to someone new and I can chat up a storm, no problem, but inside I’m sweating buckets and I can painfully feel every thump of my heart¬†in my head. Only after several sessions of this do I feel more comfortable around the new person and gradually, no more pain or¬†stupid impulses to run away.

It’s a wonder I even have any friends, but when I was thinking about the whole thing as I wrote this post, I thought, ‘hey, maybe it ain’t a bad thing after all!’ As I get older and infinitely grumpier, I am less able to deal with superficiality and deadbeat acquaintances. Maybe this is nature’s way of ensuring I don’t try to befriend all and sundry, but to limit my energies and lovin’ to a smaller number. Haha. I wish. I’m just fucked up. Period.


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Being bawled at by a client is something quite normal when you’re in the service industry. We grunts¬†usually grin at each other sympathetically, each knowing that if not today, tomorrow could be your turn to have insults and unveiled attacks on your¬† integrity heaped upon you. I don’t mind so much when it’s done in a professional way – suggestions for improvement if you will, but when it’s done with a certain moronic doggedness, it really gets to me. Must we forget our manners just to save our asses? Or to prove who’s the¬†King of the Dungheap?

The Democratic presidential contest took an interesting turn with Mr. Obama winning big in South Carolina. Now that Camelot’s very own Caroline Kennedy has come out to endorse¬†Senator Obama, can we expect the Clinton camp to further sharpen its claws? It’d be great to see less bitching from all sides, but I guess that’s what makes this circus all the more interesting.

Here’s an interesting article on salt and our failure to understand its impact on our health. Crazy, I always thought the labelling of salt and sodium were interchangeable. How very wrong I was.


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