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stop! in the name of love

Thank god I went home early yesterday. After a terrible downpour, this was the view around 5ish as weary worker bees tried to go home on a wet Friday evening.

It got worse as time went on and only cleared around 8ish.

So yeah, I finally picked up my camera again after months of leaving it in storage. Tomorrow I’ll be taking it with me to take piccies of twin baby boys for a friend and colleague. I just hope I still remember how to fiddle with the settings. Haha.


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signed sealed delivered

Early birthday prez. 

We ushered in the new year  at Aunty Nat’s with sambal belacan fried rice for Stinky (henceforth known as MC. Long story) and thai fried rice for me. Then it was home to the critters and watching Eragon on DVD (what a disappointment, the book was much much better). As usual, I was beset by all the superstitious stories I’ve heard throughout the years regarding what to do or not to do in the waning hours of the year. Should I sweep or not sweep the house? Should I have any money in my pockets? Should I go wash my face as the clock strikes 12? LOL. In the end we just continued with our DVD watching.

We did however make it a point to eat well for our first meal of the New Year. Went to Marmalade at BV2 and had a long, scrumptious brunch. Did the groceries afterwards while MC did his best to persuade me that the mistakenly-priced (some poor employee tagged it RM50 less than it should be) Beatles Anthology 2 and 3 album in BV1 would make good birthday prezzies for me. I bought them myself, effectively denying him an easy way out. Haha.

Anyway, taking into account my healthy eating target, I got a packet of flaxseed at the supermarket. It looks exactly like sesame seeds and quite unobtrusive so MC hasn’t noticed that I’ve been sneaking them into the meals I’ve prepared. He did however notice that the chilled cucumber salad had sunflower seeds in them.

“Apa ni? Kuaci?”

Not just any kuaci, hombre. I roasted them myself 😀

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used to believe in a lot more


I normally don’t bother with making resolutions for the new year, but something feels right about giving it a go this time around. Here goes in no particular order, thegrouch’s targets for 2008. 

speedy gonzales

I huff and I puff….

screaming peacocks

You don’t give me a bun? I scream like a dying banshee…

  •  Work out and lose weight. I’m tired of being called fat by nasty relatives each time I come home. I’m tired of having to ask for Size 10s and 12s and even 14s. Going back to a Size 4 is prolly out of the question but I’ll be happy with a 6 or 8.
  •  Increase investments and bring back savings to a healthy level. Our savings took a big hit with the move to the new apartment, not to mention the acquisition of another critter. Although we managed to not touch any of the long-term ones, our fluid cash flow is at a level I am not comfortable with. 2008 will see us tightening our belts in order to bring it above what I call ‘comfy’ i.e. 2 months’ salary.
  •  Travel outside Asia with Stinky. A bit of an oxymoron this one, especially after the previous resolution. However, we think it’s way past due that the two of us travel together outside our favourite haunts of Bangkok and Jakarta. We’re thinking Australia, but Morocco is a close second.
  •  A career change. I’m not quite sure in which direction yet, but if it goes the way I plan, it’ll involve even more stress but more importantly, challenge my stagnant mind. Oh, and more moolah 😀
  •  A better daughter, sibling. Hard this one. Very hard. I’ll try my damnedest nonetheless. The folks aren’t getting any younger and Lil Bro needs all the support he can get. Don’t talk to me about The Ret 😛
  •  Intimately know my cameras. Maybe I’ll even enroll in photography classes, who knows. The thing to remember is to be proficient in spite of the limitations of my current gear instead of constantly thinking I’ll improve if I have a better camera. I’m a ninny who takes better pics with her point & shoot instead of her dSLR. LOL.
  •  Lasik. I hear Dali screaming ‘YES!’ already, hahahha. Hold your horses, Dals. It’ll prolly be towards the end of the year and depending on how much I’ve managed to save. I’m dreading and looking forward to this at the same time.

That’s it I think. I’ll add more if I think of anything else, but for achievability’s sake, I hope not! 😀


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soup for the soul – this is for you CCW

I’ve tried bak kut teh all over the country but none beats the absolute mind-boggling yumminess of Nam Chai’s bak kut teh. I’m ashamed to say I only learnt the resto’s name tonight so I could report to Chi Wui and continue our Great Bak Kut Teh & Egg Tart Debate. In my family, nay in my housing area, to say ‘bak kut teh’ means only one shop. So it’s rather pointless to actually know the resto’s name 😉 . When pressed, we resort to ‘oh the corner shop one in Tanah Merah’.

you know that bounce you get when biting fresh seafood?

What is it about Nam Chai’s BKT (now that I know it’s proper name, I will endeavour to use it judiciously)? Is it the peppery gingery hot soup, each subtly different from each other depending on what meat was in it? The amazing prawns that are so fresh, they have that bounce when you bite into them?

balls…the good kind

I can never decide whether I like Nam Chai’s meatballs best or the prawns, but the spring onion in each bowl…. bliss.

garlicky goodness keeps the bloodsuckers away

I like mixing in spoonfuls of garlic into my rice and using garlic+soy sauce as a dip. Yep, I stink like mad afterwards.

assorted pig

Ahhh… Nam Chai’s mixed bowl. We always fight each other for the intestines. I think the soup from this bowl is the best. More peppery and dark.

a bowl of rice

I always forget to eat my rice until halfway through the meal. Too busy gobbling everything else down.

We’ve been going to Nam Chai’s ever since I can remember. Before another fave family resto opened (we’re going there tomorrow for seafood), it’s been the place to have dinner after Saturday’s evening mass. I remember getting shit as a kid for trying to hurry up my mom to finish her prayers so we could get to Nam Chai before the church crowd did. So lemme see…. 19 years we’ve been going there for BKT. Oh we’ve tried other places, but we always always come back to Nam Chai.

Nam Chai, you can kick Klang BKT anyday 😀


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jazz hands


Gran’s hands

This my granma’s hand. She used to work in the padi fields and did hard, manual labour most of her life. Her hands are testimony to those difficult times.

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ur preshuns, it doth annois me



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heart of glass

potatoes in disguise

Originally uploaded by grouchiosa

I’m in the middle of downloading some huge data files from the field to be processed. Watching the transfer progress thing can be strangely hypnotic. I was shocked to see that I’d been staring at the progress bars for at least 5 minutes…122MB…130MB…139MB…. Better to post something and be marginally productive.

Transformers was awesome. AWESOME. Although there were a few EH? moments, I resolutely sent those EHs? to the back of my mind. Yes, yes Megatron isn’t a gun and Optimus Prime now has redneck yellow flames but when has Hollywood ever been truly faithful? Samwise Gamgee would have remained steadfast and loyal instead of being clingy and altogether very touchy feely otherwise. Breakfast at Tiffany’s would have a sad ending (I’m glad they changed it!) and Flicka would have a human boy owner, not a girl who has the most terrible lines ever. So yeah, Transformers? Very entertaining. Brings back a lot of nice memories too. That was one of the few cartoons I would cut my afternoon play for. I remember jumping out of a tree for it coz climbing decorously down would have meant missing the opening credits. Haha. So sad.


But the big news of the day is I got 2 tickets for Harry Potter from our movie club. Hooray! Thursday will see me and Stinky watching Harry go through teenage angst. The fifth book is my least favourite of the lot but I’m still excited anyway. Hooray!

Gosh, if this doesn’t make you all crazy and want an SLR, I dunno what will.


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