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like a rolling stone

I was about to start this post by saying, ‘work has been crazy lately, yada yada yada….’ but GAH! let’s not be predictable. Anyway, when has work ever been not crazy? I was a bit upset when we had to cancel our trip to Bali last week but in the end it worked out fine as I’m quite sure that if we’d gone ahead as planned, I’d be getting the dreaded call to come back ASAP and to make sure I looked happy doing it 😀

Went to Manila for a meeting a couple days ago. I ate enough for 2 people in the 24 hours I was there (arrived 1145 Mon, left 1220 Tuesday). The little Filipino food I had was definitely good enough to make me come back for more on my own one day. The traffic jams were horrendous though, and wayyy scarier than our own tame ones. I shut my eyes and went to sleep when our driver started weaving his way full-speed between other speed machines.

On the homefront, MC and I have been absolute gluttons and have eaten our way through our savings. No, it’s not just because it’s Ramadhan, but because we suddenly found in quick succession, several restos worthy of repeat visits no matter what. The otak and ayam pop at Puti Bungsu Batam, the crab and lala at Restoran Stadium Negara, the sausages at Bavarian Bierhaus (ok, that’s just me), the new menu at Aunty Nat’s…. sigh. There’s more but I’m just making myself hungry. G’nite y’all!


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secret agents

Postcard from PostSecret.

The postcard at top is my favourite one of the week from PostSecret. I am by nature a frowny person and when my facial muscles relax, my face usually sorts itself into a grumpy expression. At best I look mildly annoyed. I do laugh great big laughs and smile when the occasion calls for it but what will my wrinkles record? The grumpy (real) me or the smiley (fake) me? Haha. Something to think about the next time I glare at my monitor.

I’m flying to East Malaysia and Brunei for a series of meetings tomorrow. I love business trips – getting to eat like a pig and charging it to our corporate account. The only embarrassing thing is when you submit your claims and accounts say, “Wah, you ate a lot for one person ah!”

I finally decided to have a set amount deducted monthly from my credit card to be given to the SPCA. The current plan of waiting for a good month salary-wise didn’t work very well. I either forgot to donate any the whole fiscal year and had to fork out a lump sum (ouch) in April, or spent the extra earnings and then gave less than I originally intended. Jeez, the things I do to reduce my taxes.


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carrot flowers

Woke up from a nap that had me dreaming of characters from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. As I lay there blinking myself into wakefulness, a sudden memory hits me of Ty and I making brownies on a gloomy day such as this. It must have been at least 12 years ago, this sudden bakefest. I don’t even remember what triggered it. It’ll be 10 years this September that Ty died. Sometimes it feels so long ago and I can’t remember his face anymore. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. Suddenly I feel I need to go visit his grave and say hello. It’s been too long.

This is my first non-working Sunday in a month. The new job isn’t much different from the old one except for more financial objectives and the listening-to-people-whine part. OMG the whines! If I was ever this whiny, AA, please come back to the office and shoot me. No work – whine, give work – whine, demotivated – whine, motivated – whine, no pay hike – whine, pay hike – whine. I try to adhere to at least one of the Commandments and not use the Lord’s name in vain, but Jesus Christ Almighty! I feel so old sometimes.

I’ve been looking at a real life soap opera enfold from afar and may I say the twists and turns in it kalah The OC. (Fake) fainting spells, sexual orientation, cancer scares, possible bulimia… I feel sympathetic to the people having to deal with all this but for the person who is perpetuating it all, I have none. There I’ve said it. Call me heartless, but I have no patience for people who think others are responsible for their own happiness and are quick to blame when they are not the centre of attention or their group’s fawning admiration. 

I am so loving my new haircut! So much so I think it’s gonna be a keeper for this year. It’s so easy to maintain (except for the shine) and looks good most of my waking hours. I went out for my usual weekend groceries and happened to see myself in a reflective shop window. For once I didn’t look like a twitterpated troll and actually looked pretty decent. Hooray! The only bummer? It needs to be trimmed religiously every 4-5 weeks.

MC will be back in 10 hours. Hurrah! I’m taking Monday off. Double hurrah!


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cellophane & gunting

The new Coldplay album. Sorry about the flash. Dunno how to fix iSight settings.

Haven’t found a Yellow, Warning Sign, Fix You, In My Place or The Scientist yet. Oh Chris Martin, don’t go bonkers on me now. Conclusion, this album has not knocked off the new Sore and Naif album from my current playlist.


Been missing yoga classes the last 2 weeks. I feel bad especially since I know it has more to do with being malas and tired than anything else. I’m glad I paid upfront or else I’d prolly stop going. These days I get my exercise getting ass-kicked by MC on Wii Tennis and Wii Baseball. Good thing there’s also Wii Bowling. Or else I’d be totally humiliated.


During my mani/pedi session with Lil Ms D last weekend, we traded stories and myths that were floating around our worlds. I think the one that got the biggest laugh was the one about drinking too much water making your pepek very wet and lubricated (conclusion of myth: hydrating yourself is bad). I’m still shaking my head in disgust. Dudes, wetness down there is a good thing. Wetting yourself is another story. Bengap.


The plan was to take Friday and Monday off to substitute all the working weekends and fly back home. MC was going to Singapore anyway and I didn’t want to babysit the critters alone. Then an important client meeting was pushed to Friday. So I thought: cancel flying back and take the night bus to Singers instead. Then an email came from the boss saying I had to attend a Geology course on Saturday. The question now is whether to still go to SG Saturday afternoon or just stay put and risk going insane from the critters. Sigh. Watch Don’t Mess with the Zohan in SG or experience Critters to Insanity in KL? Stay tuned.

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craving cucumber raitas

Dinner tonight was buckwheat noodles with a sauce made from deglazing a pan where I’d earlier cooked some chicken liver. It was a vast improvement from last Saturday’s dinner of the same noodles but with chopped liver. This week I just marinated the liver in red wine and popped it into a hot non-stick pan with a little olive oil. The results were surprisingly yummy and a nice side dish to the noodles. Why the sudden liver obsession? It was cheaper than the chicken fillet. LOL.

Mike asked yesterday why I hadn’t vented yet in this space about the recent gas price hike. To be honest Mike, I just dunno where to start. I’m extremely tired of all these exhortations by our idiotic politicians to ‘tighten our belts’, ‘change our lifestyle’ and ‘use public transport’. It’s all very easy for them to say these things when they themselves have no intention whatsoever to do it, but what about your Joe and Jane Average? MC and I calculated today that our pre-gas hike fuel cost of RM60/week will now be RM84.38/week. Don’t even get me started on the rising grocery bill. No matter how many non-essential items MC and I leave out our grocery cart, the amount invariably hits the hundred ringgit mark every visit. And we’ve even given up on organic stuff!

My cough and cold has reached the 5 weeks and 2 weeks mark respectively. I’ve managed to infect several colleagues and MC. I can’t live without popping half a Ponstan everyday to deal with the daily migraine and 2 doctor visits have only lessened the severity of the cough. I’m tired enough and desperate enough to go for alternative therapy. In fact Linda and I are planning to try some alternative healing thing in the near future. Makes me smile whenever I think of it 🙂


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counting sheep

As I type this, my mug of hot milk is slowly cooling to a more drinkable temperature. I am ambivalent towards hot milk: as a kid, my mom thought it was unhealthy to drink cold milk during winter mornings and would heat it up before adding it to my cereal. It was the most disgusting combination and I shudder to this day when I think about it. Nowadays, I am not adverse to the odd mug, especially when insomnia strikes and nothing else seems to work. Sometimes I even look forward to it, especially during those dead afternoon hours when I stare at my workstation monitor and it stares back at me.
My parents have been on my case to get a water filter ever since I started working right out of uni. I’ve been resistant to the idea all these years mostly because of the cost. Plus the water never seemed dirty, so what was the point? The only time I was ever tempted was when one company came out with a penguin-shaped filter. ZOMG! Imagine having that on my kitchen counter! I quickly came back to earth when I found out the price. Cuteness is not worth a couple Nintendo Wiis. The time has come however to stop drinking boiled tap water. Maybe it’s because of all the rain, or maybe because of all that digging in the plot of land next door. Whatever it is, when I flush my toilet, I do not like the colour of the water in the bowl. I like the idea of drinking it even less. So, mom, dad, I hereby announce I’m getting one of those office water dispensers! 😀
Whoa… can it be I’m feeling sleepy? Oh! Oh! Let me get to bed before the feeling goes away! G’nite!


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best of you

new bling! BLING!

Got a friend to buy this for me from her kampung back in Thailand. I’m so happy with it! And absolutely no barely any damage to my wallet! SD, we’re coming in August! Tell your silversmiths to be reaaaadddddyyyy 😀

petai! nasi goreng petai!

I love eating the spicy nasi goreng petai at Aunty Nat’s. It’s full of stinky things like sambal, garlic and petai. The burps that come after are AWESOME. Truly worthy of MC’s yelling and running away 😀


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