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slow ride! take it easy!

Hello. Waiting for a call from the rig that would signal the start of several more hours of work so I thought I’d take a break and post pictures of a recent event that made me happy. Twitter-ing and Tumblr-ing is nice, but I still *heart* WP.

Goes without saying that the happy event was food-related.

That’s where we ate. It’s near the office and on the way home. Guess where I’ll be everytime traffic threatens? Across the street is also another favourite of mine: a nasi padang resto! But we’ll save that for another day.

They cooked these clams with some special voodoo sauce + bits of chilli & garlic. It was a taste explosion at every bite. MC had to tell me to stop groaning during every mouthful. I did – but only to tell him to stop groaning too.

This crab died a meaningful death: we enjoyed you a lot, Mr. Crab. We’d enjoy you more if you weren’t so bloody expensive. $41 ok.

See those mantous? We ordered 4 more 😀 I told MC there were fried versions and his eyes glazed over.

Ah, back to work.



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my favourite thiiiings

Last week a bunch of us from the office went to El Cerdo’s for dinner. El Cerdo is billed as THE pork specialist of Changkat Bukit Bintang and we’d been wanting to go for ages, but you know how hard it can be to get a date and time everyone can agree on. Finally we just said, ‘fuck it!’ and made reservations for 11 people at 6.30pm. 8 made it. 

nyam nyam nyam

Everyone was pretty excited. I’d been bombarding them with reviews of the resto gleaned from various food blogs and pigging out was on everybody’s mind.

What did we order? Lemme try and list it out:

  • roasted suckling pig
  • mixed appetizer plate: french rilettes, pig trotter pate, spanish salami, pork liver pate and pig cheeks in wine aspic
  • boquerones
  • pan fried goat cheese wrapped in Jamon Serrano
  • lentil and vegetable soup with german sausage
  • pork shoulder steak
  • roasted pork short ribs
  • mango sherbets with vanilla licor
  • run and raisin pancake ‘kaiserschmarrn’
  • alexander grappa
  • jagermeister
  • hoegarden witbier, and
  • the placido tuscany chianti

Took us 4 hours to eat and drink everything. How was the food you ask? It was AWESOME. Just bloody fantastic. By the time the suckling pig main course arrived, we fell on it with our bare hands like savages.

nom nom nom

The bill came to a whopping RM1.2K and there were shocked gasps from the locals all around but everyone agreed it was just the thing after a hard month’s work.

We’re already on the lookout for the next resto to pig out at 😀


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un cornet de frites

I try to bring lunch to work at least twice a week. It gives me the illusion that I’m eating healthier for one thing, and of course that I save money (very doubtful). Although if you think about it, maybe the spaghetti I make is less fattening than say, Pak Samad’s awesome crispy fried chicken + nasi drowned in dhal/gravy. Let’s hope. 1 out of 2 is not bad!

primary colours

Almost like a stop sign. 

Last night I made this, though I substituted the cabbage with chicken cubes. I didn’t feel up to cooking rice see, so I wanted something more substantial to eat with the steamed broad beans and mixed vegs that would make up the filler in this meal. It went down real well at lunch today with a glass of Ribena. I really liked the fact that the normally bland steamed vegs were saturated with the balsamic vinegar and cranberry sauce. Yum. Should’ve made more for tomorrow’s lunch as well.

Dessert was a handful of dark chocolate M&Ms from TechBoss#1. One in each colour. Or maybe two.

more colours!

Tower of Goodness. 

Unfortunately I injured myself as I cleaned up last night. I swear that time went into slo-mo and I could almost  hear the ‘zziiiiiing!’ as the knife I was washing sliced the pad of my thumb open. An infinity as the whole universe stopped and bright red beads of blood welled up. Then it squirted blood all over the sudsy dishes and time returned to normal. I watched fascinated as the tea towel turned red and showed MC my new boo boo.

“Look beebs, I hurt myself. Look at the blood!”

“What? What did you say? Lemme see…ohhhh…” *stops dead and turns pale*

Hahahha…. it was dang funny watching MC try and be brave about the whole thing. Just wish it didn’t have to sting so much.


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deeper conversation

I was going to make split pea soup and slurp it all night while waiting for election results. Instead I found a little bag of fresh fish noodles at Cold Storage and thought, ‘YUMMY!’ Even in that state of fishy excitement I realised I could never replicate the awesome fish broth at Wan Wan so I thought a bit and came up with…. cook it in Campbell’s Clam Chowder!

So here I am slurping clam chowder with fish noodles while listening to Yuna. The noodles have a higher content of flour in it compared to Wan Wan’s and was rather chewy. Still, not too bad. The clam chowder-fish noodle combo is unusual but good too. Sea creatures rock. Edible sea creatures rock even more.

Talking about the grocery, there was an unusually large amount of shoppers there with loaded carts. The alarmist in me started to become…alarmed. Were they stocking up in case of disturbances post-elections? Will there be a price hike? MC reassured me, ‘With the kind of friends we have, we’d know if anthing was going to happen.’ I didn’t think to ask him what he meant then, but now I’m wondering, ‘What kinda friends is he talking about? Does he have a secret stash of psychic friends I dunno about? What? What?’ Unfortunately MC is out with his bandmates at a recording studio and I can’t ask him.

Early reports show DAP and the Opposition leading. A new tomorrow, Malaysians? We can only hope and pray.


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What’s all the eggcitement about?Originally uploaded by Ariel Bariel Long

Found this picture via Serious Eats (I love you, Robyn! 😀 ) and laughed myself silly. Now before you give me a lecture on how cruel it is, go vegan yada yada, let me politely inform you that I am the same person who goes, ‘oh so cute!’ to a piglet and thinks, ‘zomg, you’ll be awesome roasted!’ a second later. So maybe you should save your breath, ermm.. ok?

The picture also brought to mind Mike’s infamous joke that has its share of fans one fan (re: me, and only me) and haters (re: the rest of the free world).

A guy is frying an egg and a sausage for his breakfast.
He turns away from the stove top to make coffee.
Seeing this, the sausage says to the egg, “Pssstt….I think I know of a way to escape. Are you with me?”
The egg starts screaming, “Help, help! A talking sausage!!!”

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Greetings from Bandung!

We cut short our stay in Borobudur and decided to make our way to either Jakarta or Bandung. By chance we saw in the news of the flooding in Jakarta so we we thought we’d go and surprise our friend Amir in Bandung instead. After doing some research on schedules and whatnot, we bought bus tickets to Bandung from Jogja’s Giwangan bus terminal. Hahaha… I must say not the brightest thing to do when the journey takes 10++ hours and made pitstops at the dodgiest of places with huge signs warning that your food? It might have drugs (obat bius) in it to make it easier to rob you. We figured they couldn’t possibly drug a whole cauldron of boiling water so we ate Pop Mie to stave off our hunger. Hahaha. Only trains from now on!

The rains and flooding in Jakarta are still going on so we sadly decided to just stay in Bandung and revisit favourite food stalls and distros. Amir has been an angel and kindly shared some of his favourite haunts last night, namely Lisung, a hilltop cafe with a magnificent view of Bandung, Canada which is not a country but a murtabak/apam balik stall and some ikan bakar place that serves kick ass ikan and cumi and sambal that strips off your stomach lining. Kinda makes up for the fact we won’t be able to take our fave train ride to Jakarta on the Parahyangan and visit Aksara for books and CDs. And the fact we needed to buy new plane tickets. Sigh.

Hmmm… feeling munchy again. Methinks it’s time for some baso malang karapitan.

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28 years + 364 days

vanilla icecream + cake + icing 

TechBoss#1 baked me a cake while the rest of the team bought tubs of ice cream.

2 equals 29

I’m glad they couldn’t find 29 candles.

my jellybeans cake!!

We fought over our favourite flavours.


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