update on la la land

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that when I logged into WP, I had a WTF moment for a few seconds. I’m still trying to figure out the new stuff. It’ll take a while but I’ll get there.

Recently some people were nice enough to ask about the status of this blog and why I wasn’t updating. Had I quit? Did I move back to Blogspot? Am I satisfied with just Twitter

I haven’t quit, not really, no. And yes, I’m still on WP. Twitter is lovely and convenient, thank you, but it does require a lot of brain cells to condense things into 140 letters, especially when I get in the mood of lovingly reporting what I had at mealtimes 😀 

All I can say is work and its associated exhaustion gets in the way of a lot of stuff I love doing. Sleeping, catching up on reading, meeting friends, quality time with MC. Writing. Somehow blogging just fell by the wayside. Now when I get the urge to write, I just type a quick one liner in Twitter, or when I think the world at large needs to know how’s it hanging with me, I just change my FB blurb. Mike tells me there’s a WP apps I can install into my phone. Looks like those long hours at the airport can now be killed with yet another gadget-related activity.

So yeah, I’ll continue updating and all but prolly nowhere as often as I used to or would like. I was reading all my past entries and it struck me how it seemed that I fell off the face of the earth once I had taken my new job last June (my Flickr page shows the same trend, and uh didn’t I say this in a previous post?). Now that a new job possibility has reared its head, will things get better or worse?


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