secret agents

Postcard from PostSecret.

The postcard at top is my favourite one of the week from PostSecret. I am by nature a frowny person and when my facial muscles relax, my face usually sorts itself into a grumpy expression. At best I look mildly annoyed. I do laugh great big laughs and smile when the occasion calls for it but what will my wrinkles record? The grumpy (real) me or the smiley (fake) me? Haha. Something to think about the next time I glare at my monitor.

I’m flying to East Malaysia and Brunei for a series of meetings tomorrow. I love business trips – getting to eat like a pig and charging it to our corporate account. The only embarrassing thing is when you submit your claims and accounts say, “Wah, you ate a lot for one person ah!”

I finally decided to have a set amount deducted monthly from my credit card to be given to the SPCA. The current plan of waiting for a good month salary-wise didn’t work very well. I either forgot to donate any the whole fiscal year and had to fork out a lump sum (ouch) in April, or spent the extra earnings and then gave less than I originally intended. Jeez, the things I do to reduce my taxes.



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2 responses to “secret agents

  1. This entry reminds me of my boss; he keeps asking me ‘have you smile/laugh today?” or he will say “susahnya dia nak senyum”. Why? Sebab I don’t smile except on some occasion where i’m happy & high & it annoys me to bits when boss thinks I’m grumpy for no reason. Oh well…

  2. thegrouch

    hahhaa…poor you, linn 🙂
    i know how annoying that is.
    someone will usually ask me, ‘what’s wrong?’ when i’m actually feeling nice and happy. hahahha.

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