carrot flowers

Woke up from a nap that had me dreaming of characters from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. As I lay there blinking myself into wakefulness, a sudden memory hits me of Ty and I making brownies on a gloomy day such as this. It must have been at least 12 years ago, this sudden bakefest. I don’t even remember what triggered it. It’ll be 10 years this September that Ty died. Sometimes it feels so long ago and I can’t remember his face anymore. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. Suddenly I feel I need to go visit his grave and say hello. It’s been too long.

This is my first non-working Sunday in a month. The new job isn’t much different from the old one except for more financial objectives and the listening-to-people-whine part. OMG the whines! If I was ever this whiny, AA, please come back to the office and shoot me. No work – whine, give work – whine, demotivated – whine, motivated – whine, no pay hike – whine, pay hike – whine. I try to adhere to at least one of the Commandments and not use the Lord’s name in vain, but Jesus Christ Almighty! I feel so old sometimes.

I’ve been looking at a real life soap opera enfold from afar and may I say the twists and turns in it kalah The OC. (Fake) fainting spells, sexual orientation, cancer scares, possible bulimia… I feel sympathetic to the people having to deal with all this but for the person who is perpetuating it all, I have none. There I’ve said it. Call me heartless, but I have no patience for people who think others are responsible for their own happiness and are quick to blame when they are not the centre of attention or their group’s fawning admiration. 

I am so loving my new haircut! So much so I think it’s gonna be a keeper for this year. It’s so easy to maintain (except for the shine) and looks good most of my waking hours. I went out for my usual weekend groceries and happened to see myself in a reflective shop window. For once I didn’t look like a twitterpated troll and actually looked pretty decent. Hooray! The only bummer? It needs to be trimmed religiously every 4-5 weeks.

MC will be back in 10 hours. Hurrah! I’m taking Monday off. Double hurrah!



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2 responses to “carrot flowers

  1. ccw

    remembering a deceased person’s face is never easy nor it is important. however, we must relentlessly hold on to the memories and emotions that came with our acquaintance with the ones we love and hold dear to our heart.

  2. the grouch

    you’re right, C. man, time flies.

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