cellophane & gunting

The new Coldplay album. Sorry about the flash. Dunno how to fix iSight settings.

Haven’t found a Yellow, Warning Sign, Fix You, In My Place or The Scientist yet. Oh Chris Martin, don’t go bonkers on me now. Conclusion, this album has not knocked off the new Sore and Naif album from my current playlist.


Been missing yoga classes the last 2 weeks. I feel bad especially since I know it has more to do with being malas and tired than anything else. I’m glad I paid upfront or else I’d prolly stop going. These days I get my exercise getting ass-kicked by MC on Wii Tennis and Wii Baseball. Good thing there’s also Wii Bowling. Or else I’d be totally humiliated.


During my mani/pedi session with Lil Ms D last weekend, we traded stories and myths that were floating around our worlds. I think the one that got the biggest laugh was the one about drinking too much water making your pepek very wet and lubricated (conclusion of myth: hydrating yourself is bad). I’m still shaking my head in disgust. Dudes, wetness down there is a good thing. Wetting yourself is another story. Bengap.


The plan was to take Friday and Monday off to substitute all the working weekends and fly back home. MC was going to Singapore anyway and I didn’t want to babysit the critters alone. Then an important client meeting was pushed to Friday. So I thought: cancel flying back and take the night bus to Singers instead. Then an email came from the boss saying I had to attend a Geology course on Saturday. The question now is whether to still go to SG Saturday afternoon or just stay put and risk going insane from the critters. Sigh. Watch Don’t Mess with the Zohan in SG or experience Critters to Insanity in KL? Stay tuned.

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