say it again

Work has been interestingly insane, what with settling into the new job while carrying out my old workload. I get the odd panic attack but so far there’s nothing a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and whining to Lil/Dali/MC doesn’t fix. *crosses fingers*

On the homefront, the critters have me swinging from one emotional extreme to another. Sometimes I think they spend the daylight hours when I’m at work plotting to drive me nuts. Then just when I entertain thoughts of chucking them at the pound, they do an abrupt aboutface and become meltingly cute and loving. Dear gosh, I’ve raised demons.

I got The Best of Radiohead album last week while in Sungei Wang scoping out Wiis. Sure brings back memories. It’s been on endless playback at work, home and in the car… 🙂




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2 responses to “say it again

  1. nuaqe

    I need some of those Reese’s PBC as well,E. Where can I get ’em…

  2. thegrouch

    sometimes cold storage in bangsar village has them….but jarang lah 😦

    last week they had Reese’s Puffs – RPBC-flavoured cereal!

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