craving cucumber raitas

Dinner tonight was buckwheat noodles with a sauce made from deglazing a pan where I’d earlier cooked some chicken liver. It was a vast improvement from last Saturday’s dinner of the same noodles but with chopped liver. This week I just marinated the liver in red wine and popped it into a hot non-stick pan with a little olive oil. The results were surprisingly yummy and a nice side dish to the noodles. Why the sudden liver obsession? It was cheaper than the chicken fillet. LOL.

Mike asked yesterday why I hadn’t vented yet in this space about the recent gas price hike. To be honest Mike, I just dunno where to start. I’m extremely tired of all these exhortations by our idiotic politicians to ‘tighten our belts’, ‘change our lifestyle’ and ‘use public transport’. It’s all very easy for them to say these things when they themselves have no intention whatsoever to do it, but what about your Joe and Jane Average? MC and I calculated today that our pre-gas hike fuel cost of RM60/week will now be RM84.38/week. Don’t even get me started on the rising grocery bill. No matter how many non-essential items MC and I leave out our grocery cart, the amount invariably hits the hundred ringgit mark every visit. And we’ve even given up on organic stuff!

My cough and cold has reached the 5 weeks and 2 weeks mark respectively. I’ve managed to infect several colleagues and MC. I can’t live without popping half a Ponstan everyday to deal with the daily migraine and 2 doctor visits have only lessened the severity of the cough. I’m tired enough and desperate enough to go for alternative therapy. In fact Linda and I are planning to try some alternative healing thing in the near future. Makes me smile whenever I think of it 🙂



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3 responses to “craving cucumber raitas

  1. Linda

    Yes, when are we doing that babe? I’m waiting for you! I’m really excited but also strangely nervous about that thing. Yesterday we went to the fish spa but it was too many people. I’ll go with my mom and her friend when they come to KL in 3 weeks. That should be an experience like no other for a couple of village Norwegians….

  2. thegrouch

    let’s do it when you come back from jakarta!
    lemme schedule a session after work 😀

  3. Linda

    Yay! Just remember that Friday 20th I go back to Indo cuz my parents are coming. So either we’ll have to do it before the 20th of after the 25th 😀

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