counting sheep

As I type this, my mug of hot milk is slowly cooling to a more drinkable temperature. I am ambivalent towards hot milk: as a kid, my mom thought it was unhealthy to drink cold milk during winter mornings and would heat it up before adding it to my cereal. It was the most disgusting combination and I shudder to this day when I think about it. Nowadays, I am not adverse to the odd mug, especially when insomnia strikes and nothing else seems to work. Sometimes I even look forward to it, especially during those dead afternoon hours when I stare at my workstation monitor and it stares back at me.
My parents have been on my case to get a water filter ever since I started working right out of uni. I’ve been resistant to the idea all these years mostly because of the cost. Plus the water never seemed dirty, so what was the point? The only time I was ever tempted was when one company came out with a penguin-shaped filter. ZOMG! Imagine having that on my kitchen counter! I quickly came back to earth when I found out the price. Cuteness is not worth a couple Nintendo Wiis. The time has come however to stop drinking boiled tap water. Maybe it’s because of all the rain, or maybe because of all that digging in the plot of land next door. Whatever it is, when I flush my toilet, I do not like the colour of the water in the bowl. I like the idea of drinking it even less. So, mom, dad, I hereby announce I’m getting one of those office water dispensers! ๐Ÿ˜€
Whoa… can it be I’m feeling sleepy? Oh! Oh! Let me get to bed before the feeling goes away! G’nite!


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5 responses to “counting sheep

  1. Linda

    Hehe…so your mom thought it was unhealthy to drink cold milk during winter huh? WINTER?? U gotta be kidding me. The fact that you actually use them term ‘winter’ here in SE Asia is an insults to Norwegians and Canadians alike!

  2. thegrouch

    mbak, it was when I was a kid in the states lah. there’s no winter here by any stretch of imagination! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Linda

    hehe…oh, I forgot all about your over seas experience…forgive me mbak ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. More disgusting combinations:

    Hot UHT milk with cereal.
    Powdered milk, mixed with hot water, with cereal.
    Condensed milk, mixed with hot water, with cereal.
    Goat’s milk with cereal.

  5. thegrouch

    oh, that’s just gross.
    but if the goat’s milk is cold, i’ll give it a try!

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