dimana aku disini

It’s been a rather chaotic past couple of weeks since returning from Dubai. First there was the whole excitement of being awarded a huge new project that’ll keep me busy for months to come. A visiting friend from my old days in the field. Writing 5 chest-thumping essays for some review at work and the total shocker: a job offer in Vietnam and the counter-offer to stay here.

Vietnam! After my boss told me about the 2 jobs, it was all I could do to stay the rest of the day and at least pretend I was working. The excitement of working in a new location, a very exotic city to explore for the next 2 years, amazing culinary adventures, reuniting with old colleagues…. but after several rounds of negotiations with my higher ups, MC and I regretfully concluded that the package just wasn’t good enough and that I’d accept the new job in KL instead. Sure the pay rise in HCMC would be reasonable but it wouldn’t cover our loss from MC’s income. So suck it up KL! You’re stuck with me for another year! 😀

On a sad note though, Boss#3.1 is moving back to his home country after only a year within our shores. It’s a fantastic promotion for him and we’re all very happy for his rise up the corporate ladder but we’ll miss him badly. Boss#3.1 was a great teacher and boss. It’s a huge loss for our team. He’s leaving some very big shoes to fill in.

Ah, my meds have kicked in and I’m off to bed again. If I thought getting sick would dampen my seemingly 24/7 desire to eat, I was very very wrong. Haha. I’ve already scarfed down 2 cupcakes from Cupcake Chic and now a bowl of soup seems mighty tempting….. 



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2 responses to “dimana aku disini

  1. I would have gone for the hell of it. Congrats, star!

  2. thegrouch

    haha, you would!
    i’m promising myself a trip to HCMC and a Wii to make up for it 😉

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