picking hum

When I travel, being comfy is my biggest priority. So with comfort in mind, last Monday I wore a loose cotton shirt, cargo pants and my trusty teva sandals. To keep warm, I brought along the stripey scarf Dali bought me in Egypt.

I love the stripes. 

The triple combo. Not to be confused with a certain tool configuration. CW from top left: the scarf, the slingbag and the shirt.

I was uncomfortably aware that the scarf and shirt combo was a bit more colourful than my usual get-up. My wardrobe is bursting with black, dark blues, whites and greens. Flowery pieces are usually spontaneous purchases and almost immediately regretted, this shirt being the rare exception. 

Unfortunately I forgot to factor in my slingbag from Flowerdrum was also chockablock full of gorgeous teeny tiny flowers. The resulting combination was pretty stunning, and I don’t mean that in a good way. LOL. Behold! Stripes & Flowers! 😀

I still had 2 hours to kill after shopping at Boots and a massage so I amused myself taking pictures in a deserted toilet at Suvarnabhumi airport.


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