til kingdom come

The plan was to take a nap for an hour, pack then go swimming. What really happened was I woke FOUR hours later plastered with drool and hungry as hell. One does not swim when one is starving so I made myself some indomie and settled down to watch tv instead. Oh tv, how I’ve missed you!

I hate packing so I still haven’t packed. I did sew a loose button on the shirt I’m planning to wear during the meeting. 

So get this: I’ll be travelling for 12.5 (2 hour flight + 4 hour transit + 6.5 hour flight) hours to attend a 5 hour meeting in Dubai then duly fly 6.5 hours to Bangkok, transit 1 hour then fly 2 hours back to KL. Not the greatest of connections but I love Suvarnabhumi airport so I guess it’ll be OK. Start Late, Finish Rich should keep me occupied. 

Haha. Jeez, how many hours was in that last paragraph? 😀

Ugh, packing for 2 days takes as much effort as packing for a month.



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3 responses to “til kingdom come

  1. Linda

    Hmmm…its when you are FULL you are not supposed to swim miss Thing, so that excuse just doesn’t cut it in my book :-p

  2. Linda

    You are in Dubai?? So close but yet so far away….

  3. thegrouch

    hey linda!
    yeah, i was in dubai for some SETC thing. you’re coming home soon aren’t you?

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