don’t knock

When mom was here last week, I wanted her to experience how nice the manicures and pedicures were at Sommerset. So after picking her up from the airport and a hurried sushi lunch, we walked over to Jln. Telawi and prepared to get some lovin’. I told mom I was gonna get my nail painted black and was expecting a lecture on what ladies did or did not do. Instead mom cooed, ‘Oohh…that’ll look fab with some white nail art!’


When I was 15 and deep into teenage angst and all things Take That, Bon Jovi and Blur, I painted my nails black. I thought nothing of it, after all nail polish is kinda like makeup. I figured mom would be pleased that her tomboy was showing some girly signs. What I got was:

“What in holy hell is that? Are we trying to worship the devil now? Are you mixing with the wrong crowd?”

Of course this made black nail polish all the more attractive. Haha.

Fast forward 13 years later and there I am gaping like a fish while mom muses aloud whether I should go matte or sparkly. Awww… my mom has mellowed!


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