i’m happy just to dance with you

I recently took up yoga after months of stalling. Now I wish I could reeeaaach through time and slap the grouch of January for waiting so long. I’ll just have to be contented with the fact I finally did go for it. After all my initial reasons for wanting to join (health, back problems, a stress outlet), it was vanity (weight loss) that became the real catalyst. Haha.

So while I tell anyone who is foolish enough to ask, ‘how’s the yoga thing coming along?’ that I’m feeling great and can pop my joints more scarily, you and I know that I now look at slutty dresses and whorish hot pants with more interest that is seemly for a fat geek and daydream of the day I can wear them in public and scare the bejeesus out of MC. Sigh. We can all dream.

Jokes aside, I really like the feeling I get after an hour’s workout. Even though the tips of my fingers are light years away from my toes and I can’t lift my ass off the floor to do that backward thingy, my muscles feel pleasantly tired afterwards and I don’t feel constantly hungry during the day. I also like walking from the office to the yoga studio in the cool darkness before dawn and arriving slightly breathless (got uphill gradient ok!) and awake. The only thing bothering me is how very bad I am strength and flexibility wise. This old cow is very far from the hockey-playing, swimming 5x a week freak of her school days.

Next up, pilates. Who knew I was into S&M?? 😀



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2 responses to “i’m happy just to dance with you

  1. Eh I wanted to do pilates but I’ve been such a bum about it that it’s been dragging for almost a year

  2. thegrouch

    hahahaa…they tell me it’s harder than yoga and beginner’s yoga is already KILLING me. so i’m waiting till i can do a human pretzel before i join.

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