falling slowly

MC and I were in Singapore yesterday and in the 21 hours we were there, we managed to consume:

  • tacos, fries, coconut pie and a giant lemonade (Taco Bell)
  • nasi goreng, roti bakar, jus gembira, sup (Es Teller 77)
  • murtabak daging, kari kambing, kopi O ais, limau ais, nescafe ais (Zam Zam)
  • a box of chocolate flavoured Pocky
  • nasi goreng, maggi goreng, roti telur bawang, limau ais (mamak near Dali’s place)

I think we’re losing our touch.


We had some time to spare after settling the issues that required us to be in Singers, and headed over to Orchard Road for a spot of shopping. MC was very impressed that within a 30 minute time span that he left me to go buy some punk CDs at Far East Plaza, I had managed to buy 2 silk blouses for work, 1 very flowery peasant top, red mary janes, makeup and the Juno and Dan in Real Life soundtracks. Darling, I am nothing if not efficient when it comes to spending 😀 .



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4 responses to “falling slowly

  1. Wah lau! Why didn’t you let me know you were coming down? I miss you guys!

  2. thegrouch

    sorry chloe, but it was a fire fighting trip and we had to come home ASAP.

    hope to see you in 2 weeks at the esplanade! 😀

  3. nuaqe

    Next time try nasi lemak “dua dollar” @Changi Village or the lontong…

  4. thegrouch

    Changi Village? dunno where that is but you can be sure i’ll find out! thanks for the food tip! 😀

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