i’m on my way

Today is our 6th anniversary together.

I took the day off and we went to IKEA to have meatballs and get some much needed hangers. It was nice to walk around without having to deal with the usual crowds. Then we came home and just chilled with the critters. It was a day for reflections and quiet reminiscing. We talked of how far we’d come since that day I casually went into this relationship with the intention of breaking up with MC as soon as I was posted to Indonesia. Haha.

I love you, MC. Thanks for putting up with me.



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6 responses to “i’m on my way

  1. linn

    Happy anniversary to both of ya! More meatballs, nasi padang & brownies in years to come 😀

  2. nuaqe

    Time to move on to the next stage…Hehe

  3. the grouch

    linn: thanks! that’s the plan 😀

    nuaqe: err..not yet lah 😛

  4. azwad

    Congrats! Happy for both of you

  5. the grouch

    azwad: thanks! 😀

    mm: hopefully in human years too 😉

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