You’re the most real you’ll ever be

I was trawling through the 1475 news feeds that had accumulated in my absence and found this article about a German couple photographing terminally ill people before and after their deaths. Picture gallery here [warning: some people might find this offensive, as demonstrated by the comments at Dooce]. I thought the interviews were sad, but I also thought the after pictures looked peaceful. They now know what happens at the other end.

The Beatles is a subject that never ceases to interest me, so I was very happy to find this amazing article in New York magazine’s archives about John Lennon. Even though it was written as a response to his assassination, it wasn’t all whitewashed adoration for a cultural icon: John could be an ass when he wanted to be. My favourite line in the article is when the author, Pete Hamill, quotes fellow writer Peter Hellman: “Beatle music is somehow just not made for tears.” How very very true, except of course when you’re thinking about that someone in your past and All I’ve Got to Do and Something comes up.

This week’s Monday was a tad more difficult than usual to cope with. It was the very last day of revenue recognition and everyone was scrambling around trying to get invoices signed. On top of that, it was also the deadline for abstract submissions for a technical conference we’d all been coerced into. All in all, a very nasty day indeed, especially when all you wanted to do was curl up and hide. Linda sent me this link to a bubblewrap popping site and I felt immediately better after having demolished a couple sheets 🙂

Happy Thursday.



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4 responses to “You’re the most real you’ll ever be

  1. linn

    Those pictures are not offensive at all. They looked so peaceful and much calmer. Now I know why people keep saying live life to the fullest.

    I shall bookmark the bubblewrap site; will be a good thing to do on a gloomy thursday morning..

  2. Thanks for the link. I don’t see how people may find it all that offensive but (like someone commented at Dooce: out of his comfort zone), I think some people just find it difficult to think about death. Interesting photography, but not what I expected to see.

    These memento mori photography, on the other hand, are extraordinary. Orac has the history.

  3. the grouch

    the pictures were beautiful, weren’t they?

    mm: not moderating. but my WP account was set to holding all comments with 2 links or more for moderation 🙂

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