looking out my back door

I must admit when I read the blurb at the top of the article, I started laughing and thought it’d just be another story about a quirky guy and his obsession with the Loch Ness monster. Midway through I started oohing and aahing and at the end I just want to to clap my hands and yell, ‘Bravo, Steve Feltham!’

Not many of us are brave enough to go after what we want. We’re tied down to jobs we don’t love, places we hate and people we vaguely dislike all in the name of stability, the comfort of the familiar and conformation. Or maybe just plain scaredy catness.

MC is leaving his very good job at a well-known firm to strike it out on his own. When he first told me of his plans and asked what I thought, my first impulse was to scream, ‘NOOOOOO!!!!!’ and emo-guilt him into staying for my sake, the critters’ sake and our financial welfare. ‘SUCK IT UP!’, I wanted to yell at him. ‘What about meeee?’

They were dark hours indeed, with me imagining us out on the dole (I’m nothing if not OTT in the imagination department) and having to switch the critters’ food to non-premium  brands. Only slowly did the realisation come that this was something inevitable, that it’s most definitely NOT about me, that MC had been talking about it for years and I was the stupid one for not listening and brushing it off as just juvenile dreams and fantasies. Not to say I’ve capitulated completely*, there were terms and conditions: MC will still practice law**, but at his own firm (maybe) and only part-time, leaving more time for his beloved music, movies and writing.

It’s scary times and I have no delusions that it’ll be easy. There’ll be some adjusting to be done, no more impulsive shopping sprees at Banana Republic and Threadless, no more dining out at The Daily Grind 3 days in a row, no more weekend jaunts to Bangkok or Jakarta just ’cause we felt like it.

Bring.It.On 😀

*I can’t be totally negative and unsupportive, can I? What if MC makes it big and remembers how mean I was in the beginning? I want a share of the spoils! Haha.

** Need (cheap) legal advice? Call me! hahahha..



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6 responses to “looking out my back door

  1. nuaqe

    Notice lots of movement happening in ’08. Just hope San Andreas would stay put….

  2. thegrouch

    hahhaa…yeah man. please let me visit there before The Big One happens.

    p.s- boss said yes to WP in return for me to stay put. lets see if jadi or not.

  3. azwad

    Hmmm..I didn’t know that. Good for him. He can start with a few accident cases and tenancy agreement and then the general litigation files.

  4. the grouch

    azwad: not quite, but in the general neighbourhood.

  5. He’ll be great!!! He told me a couple of days ago and I was all rah rah rah!!! I’ll wave pom poms to spur him on. I think he’ll do great!!! He’s an awesome guy…

  6. thegrouch

    hahaha…rah rah rah eh?
    does that mean organising more gigs for the esplanade, chloe ? 😉

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