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Sometimes I wonder what the surviving members of a band think of when yet another article, book or documentary comes out regarding a fallen bandmate. In About A Son, Kurt Cobain talks to Michael Azerrad about Nirvana, Courtney Love and his childhood. I felt quite indignant on Dave Grohl’s behalf when I read:

In the film, he talks frankly about disagreements with bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic over song-writing credits which nearly led to him quitting the band.

“It was a really big deal for Krist and Dave. They sincerely felt they deserved just as much songwriting credit as I do, which is bullshit, total bullshit,” he says.

But what do I know?

[Edited 9.50pm] MC just told me we have a copy of the documentary already. You gotta love pirates.


Anyway, here’s an article on sneakers (my favourite footwear after flipflops) and its connection with music. Specifically Converse brand sneakers. Although I love those canvas shoes, I always thought the soles were too rigid for comfort. Converse sneakers look exctly like the free shoes we used to receive annually from Yayasan Sabah back in grade school. I remember how excited I would get when they were distributed. The rich kids who wore Pallas Jazz and Bubblegummers had no time for such cheap shoes so I always ended up with extra pairs. I even got into trouble once when a teacher saw that my supposedly white shoes were covered with black, blue and red scribbles. I guess she didn’t see the beauty of my decorating Yayasan Sabah shoes with Yayasan Sabah pens. Haha…. man, those were the days.

Shucks, now I feel like getting a new pair of sneakers.


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