un cornet de frites

I try to bring lunch to work at least twice a week. It gives me the illusion that I’m eating healthier for one thing, and of course that I save money (very doubtful). Although if you think about it, maybe the spaghetti I make is less fattening than say, Pak Samad’s awesome crispy fried chicken + nasi drowned in dhal/gravy. Let’s hope. 1 out of 2 is not bad!

primary colours

Almost like a stop sign. 

Last night I made this, though I substituted the cabbage with chicken cubes. I didn’t feel up to cooking rice see, so I wanted something more substantial to eat with the steamed broad beans and mixed vegs that would make up the filler in this meal. It went down real well at lunch today with a glass of Ribena. I really liked the fact that the normally bland steamed vegs were saturated with the balsamic vinegar and cranberry sauce. Yum. Should’ve made more for tomorrow’s lunch as well.

Dessert was a handful of dark chocolate M&Ms from TechBoss#1. One in each colour. Or maybe two.

more colours!

Tower of Goodness. 

Unfortunately I injured myself as I cleaned up last night. I swear that time went into slo-mo and I could almost  hear the ‘zziiiiiing!’ as the knife I was washing sliced the pad of my thumb open. An infinity as the whole universe stopped and bright red beads of blood welled up. Then it squirted blood all over the sudsy dishes and time returned to normal. I watched fascinated as the tea towel turned red and showed MC my new boo boo.

“Look beebs, I hurt myself. Look at the blood!”

“What? What did you say? Lemme see…ohhhh…” *stops dead and turns pale*

Hahahha…. it was dang funny watching MC try and be brave about the whole thing. Just wish it didn’t have to sting so much.


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4 responses to “un cornet de frites

  1. *hug*

    that was an act of random appreciation– not related to the injury, but ouch.

  2. thegrouch


    hey, you should start a whole series of graffiti based on APOD pics…really liked the one you made a couple days ago. better than loo drawing.

  3. Your boyfriend is so sweet…

  4. thegrouch

    he tries, he tries 😉

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