dear lady please

I had planned to go to a gig at CM’s Annexe this afternoon with MC but woke up from my nap too lazy to even move the various critters lying on top of me. So while MC is at the Annexe getting all sweaty and smoky, I’m at home dancing* to my new favourite band, The Cheeksters.

Their album Movers and Shakers has definitely made me move on from the Juno soundtrack which was on heavy rotation for weeks. Check out the title song and What the Pretty Girl Did. Lovely lovely intro that always gets me up. Happy and clappy, what more could a dancing klutz want? You’ll also love Shannon Hines Casson’s oh-so-smooth vocals in Sideways. Yum, I say. Yum.

So what are you listening to at the moment?

* new fitness plan. LOL.



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2 responses to “dear lady please

  1. nuaqe


    Could I get a copy of those music,please(3X)

  2. thegrouch

    lemme know your new email addie when you’ve settled down and i send the download link to you 😀

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