anytime you want me

I bought these Japanese chocolate snacks at Isetan during lunch. They’re for MC to cheer him up.


I’m having a hard time not opening them and eating them myself. What he doesn’t know, he won’t miss right? Haha.


Pocky pocky.


2 book reviews caught my eye today. One, Anne Rice’s second installment of the Christ the Lord series, Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana, and the second, May Pang’s Instamatic Karma.

I bought the first Christ the Lord book, Out of Egypt, some time ago but haven’t started on it yet. Maybe this’ll spur me on and move me from my recent food and fantasy phase. Reading about toxins in salmon and other fish helps you make educated food choices, but boy does it take the enjoyment out of eating sometimes.

The last couple of paragraphs in the May Pang article choked me up:

“When John hung up the phone,” she writes, “he looked wistfully out the window. I could almost see him replaying the entire Beatles experience.” Ms. Pang then photographed him signing just beneath the clearly legible signatures of Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Richard Starkey (Mr. Starr’s real name), the shutter clicking between the “h” and “n” of his first name.

She went on:

“Everybody changes,” she said. “With John things changed on a daily basis. It’s a question of time. Five years earlier was not the same situation. In 1974 he had just seen everyone. The friendship was still there. They were brothers. There was no animosity. And even though they all felt they had to break up to get to the next level of their musical careers, John had started this band that changed the world. It changed pop culture. It changed how we live and how we dress. And he knew that. So when he sat down to sign, he knew that this was it. His was the last signature. As he had started the group, he was the one to end it.”

The end of an era.



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6 responses to “anytime you want me

  1. RECENT food and fantasy fetish?!

  2. ok, ok… i am ALWAYS obsessed with food. the fantasy phase has just returned though. gaiman has me hooked on the genre again 🙂

  3. The Macadamia one is AWESOME!

  4. thegrouch

    oh chloe, we had one in the car on the way home and went ‘WHOA! WTF!’
    next week i’m getting a couple more boxes. hehe.

  5. ok now I’m curious. Gotta get meself a box

  6. grouchiosa

    i’m eating one as i type this so i know what i’m talking about when i yell, “GO!!!!!” 😀

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