hati cemas bimbang

Boss#3 has gone on vacation, leaving us to hold the fort. Since he’s been away, I’ve been added to the loop of emails and meetings regarding revenue generation and forecasting, and a whole lot of other things. While I enjoy getting to go on client lunches (woohoo!), this business of having to be dressed nicely all the time in case of unscheduled client meetings sucks big time. I miss my tshirts! 😀


Here’s an article that explains very briefly the Catholic concept of sin, in response to yesterday’s news about the Vatican adding new ones to the list. I thought it funny that one of the new sins was drug consumption. If this guy is to be believed, Moses was a stoner and so were the other Israelites!!! Dude, did you imagine the burning bush? Tsk tsk.

I’m not familiar with the concept of island dwarfing (note to self: reread Darwin’s Ghost), but whoa is it ever so interesting! There’s been a whole lot of debate recently whether some hobbity human bones found in Palau and Flores were a new species of human or just a diseased community.I’m hoping for the former coz I just think it’s cooler and more Ayla: Clan of the Cave Bear-ish. So exciting!

Oh Eliot Spitzer, I bet Hillary is mad at you (he’s a pro-Hillary superdelegate). Here’s a very interesting post on the Freakonomics blog giving insight into the world of high-class prostitution. As usual, don’t ignore the comments section!

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