best of you

new bling! BLING!

Got a friend to buy this for me from her kampung back in Thailand. I’m so happy with it! And absolutely no barely any damage to my wallet! SD, we’re coming in August! Tell your silversmiths to be reaaaadddddyyyy 😀

petai! nasi goreng petai!

I love eating the spicy nasi goreng petai at Aunty Nat’s. It’s full of stinky things like sambal, garlic and petai. The burps that come after are AWESOME. Truly worthy of MC’s yelling and running away 😀



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2 responses to “best of you

  1. EEK i’ve always wanted to try out the nasi goreng petai but the thai fried rice and sambal beef fried rice always gets me first. huhu.

    dah lama tak baca awak, rindu pulak! 🙂

  2. thegrouch

    hey there alia 🙂
    it’s been too long. lain kali we go to aunty nat’s, you can try my nasi goreng petai.

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