Although I am upset that the archbishop interviewed was so dismissive of sexual abuse cases connected to the Church, I was quite intrigued that the Vatican thought it necessary to add seven modern mortal sins to the traditional 7 deadly ones, made famous by Brad Pitt’s movie Se7en. It’ll be fun to watch Hollywood try and come up with a movie that correlates being filthy rich and morally debatable experiments, plus everything in between.

The seven modern mortal sins:

  • Environmental pollution
  • Genetic manipulation
  • Accumulating excessive wealth
  • Inflicting poverty
  • Drug trafficking and consumption
  • Morally debatable experiments
  • Violation of fundamental rights of human nature

I wonder how they’ll teach it in cathechism class kan Abby?


“Which part of the chicken would you prefer, miss?”

“The thigh please, thank you.”


“Uh….pangkal peha?”

“Ohhh… tight. OK.”

“Ummm….yeah, ok. Tight.”


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