and we danced until we cried

5 states lost and winning only by a simple majority.

It was surreal running from the lappie to the tv back and forth last night. One was reporting all sorts of happy news while the latter was slow with anything resembling real news but a whole lot of hogwash. I personally would have liked to beat the crap outta all those panelists they invited to speak. I think one of the many problems BN has is that it believes its own spin machine and propaganda. How could they not have known the rakyat was unhappy? Did they think BERSIH and HINDRAF was a figment of their imagination?

Whatever it is, the rakyat have now given the Opposition the opportunity they’ve been asking for. Fair or not, there will be more scrutiny and expectations on whether or not they can deliver. They have told us time and again that the country was badly run by BN and they could do better. While I agree with the former, I have reservations on the latter. Prove me wrong and show me that DSAI’s wish for redemption is not just to come back to power but a true wish to serve. Stop bickering amongst yourselves and listen. Listen to us, your electors. Not just the ones with money and power, but each and every single one of us who went without sleep last night and waited with bated breath for a new dawn.

But ohhh, it’s so awesome seeing new, younger faces being elected. MC and I kept hugging each other and grinning inanely. As cliched as it sounds, it does seem like a new day for Malaysians and there is much hope in the air. There’s a feeling that anything is possible.

And for that MC and I celebrated by pigging out on tiger prawns and pasta in buttersauce 😀



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3 responses to “and we danced until we cried

  1. nuaqe

    Might wanna cut down on the food,E. Too much of a good stuff could turn into a sin as well….Hahaha.Gotcha!

  2. grouchiosa

    you’re back! 😀
    mentioned to CB you were gone and she said yeah and looked sad. she had a boy btw!

  3. nuaqe

    I went up to 11th floor to see her just before I left. Thought she’s gonna do my exit interview but we just had an informal talk on my decisive decision….

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