deeper conversation

I was going to make split pea soup and slurp it all night while waiting for election results. Instead I found a little bag of fresh fish noodles at Cold Storage and thought, ‘YUMMY!’ Even in that state of fishy excitement I realised I could never replicate the awesome fish broth at Wan Wan so I thought a bit and came up with…. cook it in Campbell’s Clam Chowder!

So here I am slurping clam chowder with fish noodles while listening to Yuna. The noodles have a higher content of flour in it compared to Wan Wan’s and was rather chewy. Still, not too bad. The clam chowder-fish noodle combo is unusual but good too. Sea creatures rock. Edible sea creatures rock even more.

Talking about the grocery, there was an unusually large amount of shoppers there with loaded carts. The alarmist in me started to become…alarmed. Were they stocking up in case of disturbances post-elections? Will there be a price hike? MC reassured me, ‘With the kind of friends we have, we’d know if anthing was going to happen.’ I didn’t think to ask him what he meant then, but now I’m wondering, ‘What kinda friends is he talking about? Does he have a secret stash of psychic friends I dunno about? What? What?’ Unfortunately MC is out with his bandmates at a recording studio and I can’t ask him.

Early reports show DAP and the Opposition leading. A new tomorrow, Malaysians? We can only hope and pray.



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2 responses to “deeper conversation

  1. What is fish noodles?

    Are you guys catching anything at the Mosaic Music Festival? Remember to let me know in advance if you’re coming! I’m suppposed to take you out to eat seafood beehoon or something good right!!!

  2. noodles made outta fish!

    no, not going to mosaic:( not coming for maroon 5 either. i think we ‘ll see you in april though. yes! crab meehoon! 😀

    are you coming over for the sunburst festival?

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