2 hours to kill before an office party at a bar across the street and I’m tired of reading about pore pressure and geothermal gradients. So here’s some articles that caught my attention recently:

  • What is masuk angin? It always makes me laugh when Linda uses this phrase then struggles to explain it to sceptics. She has an especially hard time when TechBoss#1 hears her say this as he just booms out his doubts and ends up laughing when me and her are still solemnly swearing the veracity of the whole masuk angin phenomenon. Linda is mat salleh by the way 😀
  • Whenever I tell my mom that a resto’s food was good, she’d always sniff and say, ‘mesti got MSG!’ and it wasn’t a compliment. I’m glad to read that as with all things, MSG in moderation is not bad for you and in fact makes your food just a little more yummy. I think I’ll email the article to mom and get her a bottle of Ajinomoto the next time I come home.
  • Again, mommas. I dunno about your mom but mine has always preached that the coke I drank was gonna do strange and horrible things to my body. I always scoffed, ‘show me proof, ma!’ and got whacked for my budding scientist leanings. Well, here it is, mom. A minute by minute guide to what coke does to your body. I think I enjoyed the comments more than the article itself though. Haha.

Alrighty! 20 minutes to party time! (yes, I do type that slow)


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