What’s all the eggcitement about?Originally uploaded by Ariel Bariel Long

Found this picture via Serious Eats (I love you, Robyn! 😀 ) and laughed myself silly. Now before you give me a lecture on how cruel it is, go vegan yada yada, let me politely inform you that I am the same person who goes, ‘oh so cute!’ to a piglet and thinks, ‘zomg, you’ll be awesome roasted!’ a second later. So maybe you should save your breath, ermm.. ok?

The picture also brought to mind Mike’s infamous joke that has its share of fans one fan (re: me, and only me) and haters (re: the rest of the free world).

A guy is frying an egg and a sausage for his breakfast.
He turns away from the stove top to make coffee.
Seeing this, the sausage says to the egg, “Pssstt….I think I know of a way to escape. Are you with me?”
The egg starts screaming, “Help, help! A talking sausage!!!”


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