puspa indah

I normally don’t watch movies at home all that much, seeing that MC and I have different tastes. He loves almost every kind, especially those with bittersweet endings like Rushmore, Limelight, Far From Heaven and Gloria. Me, I like documentaries and happy, happy endings, never mind how saccharine or contrived. Shoah and Brian De Palma movies don’t go hand in hand I can tell you that.

It’s been raining the last few days however and we spent most of the weekend scrunched up on the sofa with the critters either reading or watching DVDs. First up was Douglas Sirk’s Has Anybody Seen My Gal, which had us in stitches. Then MC watched a slew of Hitchcock and De Palma movies which I  napped through only to jerk awake when the claustrophobic asshole in Body Double had a psychotic break down in a tunnel. Sheesh. We then watched Dan in Real Life, a funny and rather painful movie about Steve Carrel being a single dad with 3 kids who finds the woman of his dreams only to discover it’s his brother’s girl friend. Sigh. I liked the soundtrack though. Sondre Lerche has never sounded so good 😀

The real icing on top of the weekend movie binge was Arranged, a story about 2 young women who taught at the same school but came from vastly different backgrounds. One was Orthodox Jew and the other Muslim, but both became friends through their work and strangely parallel love lives (or initial lack of it) in a sometimes stifling religious environment. I’ll be thinking about this movie a long time, not the least because I wish it reached a larger audience. Malaysians in general would benefit from seeing a Jew and Muslim overcome cultural differences to become friends and should prolly take a page or two from Nasira’s beautiful hijab styles. I sometimes wonder why people go gaga over certain hijab brands (Mawi anyone?) and pester friends and relatives alike to buy them some when they travel yet end up wearing it the same tired old way anyhow.


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