metal heart

Courtesy of two critters who thought it’d be a blast to wake me up at the godforsaken hour of 0555 by bleating, jumping and yowling, I have enough time on my hands to share with y’all a couple sites that gently veered my mind from animal torture to more saintly matters. Thanks tothe internet and Brave New Traveler for setting me on the path of non-violence.

  • I’m not a McCain supporter, mind you, but I like his style compared to the rest of the Republican candidates. I also like his daughter Meghan’s blog (found via this BBC news article). Her playlists are sure fun and I’ll be sure to check out some of the music she’s recommended. Take note, Chelsea. Instead of refusing to talk to 9-year old reporters, maybe you could share tips on where you get your nice sweaters instead.
  • Want a bit of a laugh? Why not check out The World’s 16 Least Inspiring Flags? Even if we don’t share the same gawdawful lame humour (mine I mean, not yours), the commentaries on each flag is sure to crack you up. Unless you’re dead or think Tom & Jerry is sacrilegious. In that case, no links in this post will cheer you up and you might as well stop reading now.
  • Non-Malaysians or non-Asians think we’re nutters for eating stuff like durian, bosou (sp?) (a stinky Kadazan delicacy) and fermented tofu. Robin Esrock travels the world and tries the delicacy of 9 destinations. Robin, I can’t believe you didn’t try the bats. Don’t you know they cure asthma and bronchitis? My mama said so and I slurp bat soup like the good girl I am.
  • I am a sucker for travel sites that have lists: packing lists, destination lists, what-to-do lists, what-not-to-do lists…. I found this site via Brave New Traveler (again) and immediately saved it in my Google Bookmarks. 45 Tips to Lighten Your Load… condensed from 35 sites? OMG, I am in traveler geek heaven. Marry me, Elizabeth.
  • I don’t remember where I found this site, I was cleaning up my folders in Google Bookmarks and there it was! The stories of the Bible told in Lego, it’s amazing and downright cute. I wish I had the nerve to send it to my parish priest. Ack! I just remembered! I found it here.
  • I waaaaant these shoes and sandals. Aaaaaalllllll of them.

Hmmm…… hunger strickes *shakes fist at probiotic pills*. Methinks some french toast, OJ and a wedge of camembert will go down just fiiiiine. Happy weekend all.



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2 responses to “metal heart

  1. Linn

    Is Babeng ok now? He’s such a cutie!
    His face melts my heart 🙂
    I’m gonna check out all the links when I’m back at home & free from looking at figures 😀

  2. thegrouch

    have fun checking them out 🙂

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