when your mind’s made up

I’ve been lucky enough to watch a string of good movies lately: Juno, Gone Baby Gone, Once and last night, Lars and the Real Girl. I initially wanted to watch it as a way to wind down, something for laughs and also secretly hoping that there’d be a scene where Mr. Gosling strips naked. It’d been a tough couple of days with revenue deadlines at work, negotiating new annual objectives and one of the critters getting sick. I thought it’d be a comedy you know? A guy somehow thinking a blow up doll was his real girl friend. What followed was a 2 hour example of the kindness and love people can exhibit under the right circumstances. I loved the characters in the movie, their expressions when confronted with something socially unacceptable and the awkwardness and hilarity of office relationships. Unlike Gone Baby Gone which I can never watch again (it was brilliant, but just made me too damned sad), Lars and the Real Girl is one of those movies you feel like watching again and again just so you could tearfully smile at the end and be reassured that everyone goes on to a happy existence somewhere in Celluloid Land.

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