all my only dreams

My neighbour from back home passed away. He’s a bit older than my parents and his kids were friends of mine. The last time I visited him at the hospital was a month and a half ago. He was still mobile but had grown painfully thin and didn’t sport the nice head of hair and bushy moustache he was famous for. Neighbourhood gossip says that he deteriorated rapidly since then and now he’s gone. I’m sad for his wife; a truly lovely woman, and his kids. I’m sad there was nothing medically possible to cure his colon cancer. I’m sad that death seems to happen more frequently as you get older.



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2 responses to “all my only dreams

  1. Linn

    Death is part of life & it bites if happens in your family/friends. I grew phobia of it since my dad passed away last year 😦

    Lots of prayers for him & I’m sure he’s doing fine up there ^^ 🙂

  2. thegrouch

    condolences again on your dad, linn.

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