if i was a tree growing tall and green

Tech Boss#1 lugged a whole suitcase full of chocs all the way from the States for Valentine’s Day. There was a lot of squealing the morning he started distributing the boxes of chocolates. Me, I just started popping them down the hatch. They went down smooothhhh. 

my first ever box of valentine chocolates

Lil and I also went to have loh sang for lunch at Renaissance Hotel. We pretended to be Ladies Who Lunched but we weren’t fooling anyone the way we kept looking at our watches once our official lunch break was over. Hahaha. It was fun though, especially when we started to burp garlic & durian fumes on the way back.

one flipped over

Officially, MC and I don’t celebrate the day dedicated to love and lovers, but we do make it a point to eat dinner at a fave eatery. I also secretly hope every year that this is the year MC will abandon his punk principals and go commercial for once and get me a gift or card. Or just buy me a pack of chewing gum. No luck yet 😛 This year we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. It was a sombre affair as MC ‘had a ginormous lunch’ and didn’t want to pig out. This piggy was seriously displeased. I’m just a bitch that way when people don’t want to get fat together.


I threw the ingredients for soup into my trusty crockpot last night and woke up to the yummiest smells. Leeks, celery, carrots, garlic, turnips, dry chilli flakes, lamb bones, tomatoes, cauliflower, pumpkin, sea salt and oregano flakes. Enough to last me the whole weekend without going out of the apartment once, thereby negating the need to do any excessive toilette-ing. MC will return tomorrow and find the whole place reeking of garlic and an unwashed, unteeth brushed human. Yeay me! LOL.


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