Today is Sunday and marks the end of the totally awesome 4 day weekend. As usual I was delusional and over-optimistic about my productivity at home and planned a whole list of things to do.

  •  unpack all the boxes in the guestroom
  •  organise bookshelves
  •  sort out old clothes for charity
  •  give critters a bath
  •  proof read report for work
  •  read a geology textbook. a chapter at least
  •  do groceries and restock pantry

I did manage to sort out a box of clothes to give away but forgot to send half which were still hanging out to dry. The report is still in my backpack – unread. Basically nothing got done except for a whole lot of sleeping. I was drugged out (flu meds) most of the time, not that I’m complaining. It was very pleasant to eat a meal and pop a flu pill 3 times a day, safe in the knowledge you could go to sleep if you wanted to, which I did. Very much. So my days followed a pattern of waking up 0800ish, brekkie (take meds), read a bit (but not a geology textbook, haha), lunch (take meds), nap at 2pm, wake up 2-3 hours later, go for a walk, dinner (take meds), watch a dvd, bed and lights out by 10.30pm.

Bliss I tell you. Monday is gonna hit hard.

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