day 1 – we’re here!

We arrived at our hotel at 1.30pm. Earlier than we expected coz the taxi that was taking us to Giwangan bus station from Tugu train station instead sent us straight to Borobudur which was a 45 minute drive away (2++ hours by bus we learned the next day). A bus would have cost Rp10,000 per person, our taxi asked for Rp150,000 but then settled for Rp85,000. Saw many interesting stalls along the way, one I really wanted to stop at was advertising sate kuda dan kelinci (horsemeat and rabbit satay). Maybe another day.

Our arrival was greeted with hot tea and refreshingly cold towels. Very nice after 3 sticky journeys.

After a scrumptious lunch, we headed straight for the temple.

and no one did. we hope.

We didn’t see any scratches that disfigured the carvings and for that we were glad. It was hard enough making out some of the more weathered stone scenes…. but the slide show at the hotel later that night helped to explain some of the stories behind the scenes. We went back to the temple the day after to look for some of the scenes mentioned in the show but couldn’t find them. I must admit we weren’t looking too hard. The smells of brekkie being cooked was a powerful call home. 

old weathered guardian

How old this lion must be to be weathered to this state. Amazing.


Rain threathened to fall the whole afternoon but it didn’t deter truckloads of tourists from coming. Most were local tourists: family outings, company family days and schoolkids. The ruckus was unbelievable but weirdly cheerful. Everyone was obviously happy to be there. As were we.



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2 responses to “day 1 – we’re here!

  1. Linn

    The 2nd photo is really beautiful!

  2. thegrouch

    thanks 🙂

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