Day 1 – panas nak mampus

borobudur as seen from the manohara’s resto

The hotel we stayed in, Manohara Hotel, was situated right inside the archaeological park and offered unlimited access to Borobudur. It was very cheap, considering it’s location, good food and modest rooms and we were surprised there weren’t more guests. We had the whole place almost to ourselves! 

the shy kitty kat who shared my gurame goreng

This little kitty made an appearance as we walked to our room. She also shared our dinner of nasi goreng special and gurame goreng. She didn’t care much for bits of keropok but she liked the fried fish head just fine.

prameks tickets

Our train ticket from Solo to Jogja. Check out the unbeatable price of Rp7000 (RM2.50) for the 1 hour journey. The train ride itself was a surreal, sauna-like experience. We were dripping sweat within 5 minutes as no wind entered the carriages through the miserable tiny windows. Arrived in Yogyakarta dripping wet, dehydrated but grinning like lunatics. Borobudur was just another 1-2 hour journey away!


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2 responses to “Day 1 – panas nak mampus

  1. Linn

    Perasan tak last time you went to Bali pun got kucing? Hmm…must be the kucing vibes!
    Nothing can beat the sauna/train experience 🙂

  2. thegrouch

    you know linn,i think cats can sense people who are suckers for them 🙂
    everytime we sat down to eat, mesti ada kucing appear!

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