song some blue

holey schmoley

I’ve had my blue sweater since 2001, even before I met MC. I remember getting it super cheap at the British India outlet in Sunway Pyramid, back in the day when I would go there after classes in UKM as a treat to myself. The sweater has travelled with me everywhere: the humid swamps of Kalimantan to the hills above Haifa. At first it was treated reverently as befits its label: even at 70% discount, a British India garment was a cut above my normal student gear and hit my budget hard. Slowly though, it got faded and worn by too many washings and became the sweater of choice for every trip. It’d be the last thing to be squashed into my backpack and the first thing out once I settled into my bus/train/airplane seat.

I wore it during my last vacation back home, on a windy, rainy day at my gran’s house. Mom was horrified to see a hole as big as her hand on my sweater. I was getting tired of it getting snagged on things too and finding random bits of yarn on me.

the old and the new

I took it along to Borobudur. It kept me warm on the interminable bus ride to Bandung and came in handy on the windy hilltop of Lisung Cafe. But I knew its end was near and the next day I kept an eye out for a replacement and found one at the third distro we stopped at. I love my new brown argyle sweater and planned to leave my old blue one in Bandung. I figured at least I left it somewhere exotic. I imagined writing a little note to whoever found it that it was a beloved sweater and it had seen many places.

Hahahaha…guess what I’m wearing as I type this post? 😉

Tak sampai hatilah. I just love the dang thing too much. Maybe I’ll learn how to mend. Haha.



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2 responses to “song some blue

  1. Linn

    Actually kan, don’t throw the sweatie away; got a lot of sentimental values. Wear it, use it until berlubang-lubang everywhere 😀

  2. the grouch

    it IS berlubang-lubang everywhere! it’s getting to a point where it’s not suitable to be worn in public anymore but i’ll keep it anyway 🙂

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