Greetings from Bandung!

We cut short our stay in Borobudur and decided to make our way to either Jakarta or Bandung. By chance we saw in the news of the flooding in Jakarta so we we thought we’d go and surprise our friend Amir in Bandung instead. After doing some research on schedules and whatnot, we bought bus tickets to Bandung from Jogja’s Giwangan bus terminal. Hahaha… I must say not the brightest thing to do when the journey takes 10++ hours and made pitstops at the dodgiest of places with huge signs warning that your food? It might have drugs (obat bius) in it to make it easier to rob you. We figured they couldn’t possibly drug a whole cauldron of boiling water so we ate Pop Mie to stave off our hunger. Hahaha. Only trains from now on!

The rains and flooding in Jakarta are still going on so we sadly decided to just stay in Bandung and revisit favourite food stalls and distros. Amir has been an angel and kindly shared some of his favourite haunts last night, namely Lisung, a hilltop cafe with a magnificent view of Bandung, Canada which is not a country but a murtabak/apam balik stall and some ikan bakar place that serves kick ass ikan and cumi and sambal that strips off your stomach lining. Kinda makes up for the fact we won’t be able to take our fave train ride to Jakarta on the Parahyangan and visit Aksara for books and CDs. And the fact we needed to buy new plane tickets. Sigh.

Hmmm… feeling munchy again. Methinks it’s time for some baso malang karapitan.


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