I’m in a rinky dink internet cafe somewhere in Solo. 2 hours to kill before our train to Jogja departs. We arrived a bit too early (or late if you consider we missed the first train out) and weirdly no warungs are open! There’s all sorts of banners proclaiming Ibu So-and-so’s soto/nasi timbel/sate kambing is to die for but the Ibu herself hasn’t opened shop! Bummer, I tell you. Ibu! Come and cook!



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3 responses to “timbel-ina

  1. Ibu-ibu sahaja yang buka warung? Bapak-bapak enggak ada?

  2. Linn

    Probably they celebrating Hari Wilayah…hahaha…have fun E! Makan banyak-banyak on behalf of us 😀

  3. the grouch

    azwad: got. saw a warung Pak Jenggot.
    linn: 😀

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