under the influence

I have smallish ear canals and a big head so earphones and wraparounds hurt me in different ways. I was pleased to find reasonably priced in-ear headphones a couple days ago, hoping that maybe I could quietly listen to my stuff without sore ears after half an hour. What I wasn’t ready for was the drop in sound quality. Tunes sounded ‘tinny’, for want of a better description, unless I pushed the buds way into my ear, then it was awesome. Unfortunately this made me nauseous for some reason, haha, so it’s back to weighing the pros and cons. Tinny sound & comfort vs better sound & sore ears. Tinny won 🙂

MC and I plan to take a night train from Jogja to Jakarta after our Borobudur adventures. At first we debated driving ourselves across Java but decided we were wimps. Scratch that off our list. In anticipation of our train ride, we’ve both crammed our mp3 players full of songs and podcasts, anything to drown out unpleasant sounds like piggish snores, or like once in a nigh train bound for Singapore, nocturnal farts.

Happy holidays y’all.


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