to the sea

” It’s sciatica. Classic. Rather more common in err..plump ladies.”

“You mean fat, sir. Are you sure it’s just pinched nerves? Not bone cancer? I don’t need a hip replacement?”

“Goodness, no! And your ear? Tell me about your vertigo and nausea.”

“Often accompanied by severe migraines. Occasional tinnitus. Checked my eyes. All clear. Is it a …tumour? The first doctor said it was astigmatism and I just had to live with it.”

“It’s labyrinthitis. It must have been caused by abrupt pressure change when you flew. And according to your timeline it does correlate to when you flew home for xmas vacation.”

“Yeay! Only an ear infection!”

” I believe so. Let’s try the meds, you should see results soon. How do you know these medical terms?”

“Reader’s Digest, sir, plus I’m a fat, paranoid hypochondriac. Thank you so much for listening. I’ll be back! Oh by the way, what about my chronic tummy problems?”


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2 responses to “to the sea

  1. linn

    Ini mesti cerita E pergi appointment last week 🙂

  2. thegrouch

    hehehe…this was the second appointment. i was very unhappy with my first one.

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