Being bawled at by a client is something quite normal when you’re in the service industry. We grunts usually grin at each other sympathetically, each knowing that if not today, tomorrow could be your turn to have insults and unveiled attacks on your  integrity heaped upon you. I don’t mind so much when it’s done in a professional way – suggestions for improvement if you will, but when it’s done with a certain moronic doggedness, it really gets to me. Must we forget our manners just to save our asses? Or to prove who’s the King of the Dungheap?

The Democratic presidential contest took an interesting turn with Mr. Obama winning big in South Carolina. Now that Camelot’s very own Caroline Kennedy has come out to endorse Senator Obama, can we expect the Clinton camp to further sharpen its claws? It’d be great to see less bitching from all sides, but I guess that’s what makes this circus all the more interesting.

Here’s an interesting article on salt and our failure to understand its impact on our health. Crazy, I always thought the labelling of salt and sodium were interchangeable. How very wrong I was.



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2 responses to “expectations

  1. nuaqe

    Moronic doggedness is kinda mild. Try this one in front of ’em…nincompoop!

  2. thegrouch

    hahaha..mana boleh nuaqe. at the end of the day, we know who pays the bills 🙂

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